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Here are a few photos of our shop, to help give you an idea of what we are all about.  Our shop is small, the pictures show the whole sales floor and repair area, all that you can't see is the bathroom and some backroom storage.

All photos courtesy of the talented Kip Malone.  www.kipmalone.com

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Thanksgiving 2015 Hours...

REI got some good press this year for being closed on Black Friday, but I would like to point out that this will be the 8th year straight that we will be closed. 
When our shop was barely more than a week old way back in 2007, we decided we wouldn't be participating in the madness. And we never have, as a business or personally. We suggest you do the same, and we will go ahead and take credit now for setting the trend. 

So, as usual we will be closed for Thanksgiving and on Friday. We will return for normal hours on Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving! 


We came across the following video last week thanks to All Hail the Black Market, and we can't stop watching it....

It's a truly amazing video, perhaps only rivaled by this one...

Have you seen this new BMX video? Because its kinda cool and stuff....

Wanna know what makes Vince laugh? It's this...

And thats all I got.

12 Hours of ABQ pics

We never got around to posting any pics from the 12 Hours of Albuquerque last month. 
It was the first year of the race and it sold out. The course was great and the weather was perfect. Bikeworks sponsored a donut aid station and we were located roughly at the mid point of the course. We had tools, a bike stand, first aid, water, beer, and tons of donuts on hand. 
Hanging out there on course turned out to be really fun. More fun than I expected. 

Our spot was a good ways in from the road, so we hauled everything in with the Big Dummy. It was entertaining. 

Thanks for the great day Zia Rides! We will see you there next year. 

Is winter here?

It rained most all day today. I'm wondering if the East mountains are going to be muddy for the season. 
Managed to get out for a good Cedro loop on Monday, and it had just dried up from the last rainstorm. 

It was a beautiful day. We found our way onto some of the less commonly ridden trails. 

Guess it's time to dust off the singlespeed and head for the foothills.