Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall fun.

We've been having what is likely our busiest fall ever, which is awesome. And even awesome-er, we have been getting out for some racing and riding lately. 

Last weekend was 2 days of cross racing at Glorieta Camps, a new venue on the NM Cross series. The sprawling camp is 15 minutes past Santa Fe, the grounds are beautiful and the fall mountain air was refreshing. 

With plenty of room to work, the promotors put together a super fun course. Saturday was overcast, chilly and damp, which made for some very slippery grass corners. 

Sunday the course was reversed and the sun came out. 

The racing was good, and the lazing around in the grass was fantastic. 

The camp had a zip line up and running which provided great entertainment for the kids (and adults).  

And I got pretty excited to come back next summer and try my hand at the ridiculous looking water slides. 

This camp has new owners who are cyclists, so I'm told, and they have big plans to develop the area for mountain biking and to get a permanent cross course built and get Cross Nationals out there eventually. I'm really excited about the possibilities. 

Two weekends ago our friends from the Scalo Veloce team put on an awesome couple days of racing at the Sunnyslope course in the south Bosque. 

It's a really fun course that we have been racing on quite a few week nights lately. 

After doing the Singlespeed race, I posted up next to the keg, took over playing DJ on the big ass speaker, and drank a few while I cheered my heart out for the Open and Women's races. 

Unfortunately for the women, the wind made an appearance right as their race started, with gusts up to 50mph they said. 

The course tape was holding on for dear life. 

SeƱor Swinton was not there though, because he was busy romping around in Dolores CO and Moab with Chuckles, soaking in some amazing fall colors and amazing trails. 

And the weekend before that? I believe we were in Cuba, doing some more racing. 

If you go to the Facebooks, and look up the New Mexico Cyclocross Community page, you will find a ton of amazing photos from the races. Most of which have been take. By Marlene Squillaci, mother of Taylor, who is a properly badass teenager on a bike. 

Also, I have the cutest puppy ever. 

The black lab is the puppy, his name is Scott and he is about 3 months old. The pit mix is Roxy, she is 12, and she's not sure she wants her picture taken right now, thankyouverymuch. 

There's lots more cross races to be had this winter. Go to http://www.newmexicocyclocross.com/
to see the schedule. 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Closed Mondays!

Hey everybody.

As of Monday September 22nd, we will be switching to our Fall/winter schedule and we will be closed on Mondays. 

So... See you Tuesday.  Thanks!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Closed for Labor Day!

We will be closed on Monday in observance of Labor Day, because not working sounds like a whole lot more fun than working.

We know you will be missing us horribly while we are gone, so here is a picture of Swinton looking lovely to hold you over until Tuesday.

Hope everybody has a fun weekend and spends some time riding bikes!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fourth of July Sale! BMC Trailfox Closeout! Rocky Mountain Instinct and Thunderbolt Closeout! Exclamation Points!!

Happy Fourth of July everybody!
Since the 4th lands on a Friday this year, we have decided to make it a nice long weekend and be closed on the 5th as well.  Here it is again in big type, for those not actually reading this...


Besides, we plan on celebrating the 4th so thoroughly that you really wouldn't want us working on your bikes the next day anyway.  Personally, I think a 30 pack of American Flag Budwisers is in the plan, because what's more American than that?

In other news, if you live in Albuquerque, you may have noticed it's kind of crazy hot out lately. And you may have also heard that our local forests will be closed as of Monday June 30th.  So, we have decided it is time to put some mountain bikes on sale.  Lets call it the...


There are a few different models that we still have good stock on, and my ADD is kicking in, as they've been in the shop for a few months now and I want to sell them so I can look at something new.

Firstly, we have the BMC Trailfox.  We stocked to models this year, the carbon TF02 XT and the alloy TF03 SLX.   

The Trailfox is a 150mm travel 29er.  It is big, and fast.  It was built for BMC's pro Enduro team to tackle the Enduro World Cup with. You would never guess that is has 150mm travel while climbing, it pedals firmly and efficiently.  And then it descends like a DH bike.  

The TF02 features a carbon front triangle and alloy rear, a straight XT build kit, a Reverb Stealth dropper post, and a Fox 34 Talas fork, amongst other features.  Originally $6499, we are taking $1500 off and blowing them out for $4999.  We have a new Small and Medium new in stock. We also have a Large "demo" that Lucero hasn't let anybody else ride.  It has some parts swapped out on it, and you will have to talk to him about price if you are interested.

And the slightly more budget friendly TF03 with SLX build, features a full alloy frame for long term durability and peace of mind.  This bike still gets an awesome Easton cockpit, fool proof DT Swiss wheels, the Fox 34 CTD fork, and a straight SLX drivetrain.  Originally $3999, we are knocking a cool $1000 off, putting it at $2999. We have these currently in Small, Medium and Large.  

From Rocky Mountain, we have the Thunderbolt 750

The Thunderbolt is a new model for Rocky for 2014, with 120mm travel and 27.5 wheels.  A very playful "aggressive XC" bike, this one seems to have the Goldilocks amount of travel for most of our local rides.  A rugged alloy frame with Rocky's fool proof ABC pivot sytem and a build kit that strikes the perfect balance between performance and price, this is a workhorse of a bike that will happily go about its business for years without complaint.

Originally $3299, we have a new Medium and Large at 20% off, now $2639.  We also have this bike available for demo in Small, Medium, and Large.  The demo bikes will be for sale when the new models are gone, and price will vary based on condition.

We also have the Instinct 950

The Instinct is a 130mm travel 29er with Rocky's super adjustable geometry Ride 9 system.  It is a versatile bike that can tackle anything from big mountain endurance assualts to racy cross country riding.
Originally $3099.99, we are taking 20% off, so you can grab it now for $2479. We currently have one in Medium and one in Large. 

Lastly we have one Instinct 950 MSL Carbon demo bike still available for both demo and sale.  

Originally $3999, we have the one demo bike available in large for sale at a cool $1000 off, putting it at $2999 for one lucky person.

Thats it for now, but keep your eyes peeled as we will be combing through the rest of our inventory and picking out other models the put on sale.  You can expect 20% discounts in general.  So come on by this week and check out some deals!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Closed for the Weekend!

Hey! We are out this weekend! Closed Saturday 5/17 and Sunday 5/18.
Come join Lucero on Sunday for the Santa Fe Century!
See you Monday, have a good weekend!