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Basic info on hours and location can be found to the left.  Some info about who we are and what we do is linked to the right.  Scroll down and you will see our hopefully informative and entertaining blog posts, where we talk about hot new stuff in the store, races and rides we've recently done, and whatever else happens to bubble to the top of our distracted minds.

Here are a few photos of our shop, to help give you an idea of what we are all about.  Our shop is small, the pictures show the whole sales floor and repair area, all that you can't see is the bathroom and some backroom storage.

All photos courtesy of the talented Kip Malone.  www.kipmalone.com

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Bargains!! Closeout bikes, used couple used bikes, and a little construction project.

Hi there! Did everybody have a lovely holiday season? Are you a little fatter than normal, and your liver hurts? Yeah, us too.
Well, enough chit chat, lets talk about bikes.
Since it's the off season, we finally got around to putting price tags on all our bikes. And in the process, we have marked down every bike in the store that isn't a 2016 model. That means that most of the bikes in the shop are at least 15% off right now. We are also selling off a few of our demo bikes.
I wrote some lovely sales tags using my fine penmanship skills, which I will present to you now, so you can get an idea of what we have around....

See! Bargains!!!! And that's just some of them.  Speaking of bargains, we have a funny story behind us yelling "BARGAINS" in the shop all the time. Come by and I'll tell it to you.

Nextly, we've got a couple nice used bikes to move along. Such as a nearly new Surly Karate Monkey singlespeed, a Trek Madone 5.9 with Ultegra Di2, and a Volagi Viaje XL.  We will talk about the Volagi, since that's the one I have pictures of at the moment.

Remember Volagi? They were the ones that the big red S sued when they first came out.  Anyway, we took this Viaje XL in on trade recently. It hasn't been ridden much, has a few upgraded parts, and we've dialed it in so it's ready to roll. Originally it probably sold for close to $3,000. We're asking $1750.

Check it out and other screaming deals on our "Sales" page.
Whats that? You didn't know about the sales page? Well there it is. Boom!

Lastly, we're up to a little winter remodeling project.

Yup, we're finally putting a phone booth in our shop.
Actually, we're taking the useless dead corner of the shop and trying to make it useful.  There will be some storage space inside for clothing, and some much needed slatwall space for retailing our fine wares.

And that's about all for now.  We have a few more bikes going up on the "Sales!" page soon remember the Sales! page? You know, the one I was just talking about? Seriously, pay more attention.

Moochas Smoochas!
Buneo Bye!


We came across the following video last week thanks to All Hail the Black Market, and we can't stop watching it....

It's a truly amazing video, perhaps only rivaled by this one...

Have you seen this new BMX video? Because its kinda cool and stuff....

Wanna know what makes Vince laugh? It's this...

And thats all I got.

12 Hours of ABQ pics

We never got around to posting any pics from the 12 Hours of Albuquerque last month. 
It was the first year of the race and it sold out. The course was great and the weather was perfect. Bikeworks sponsored a donut aid station and we were located roughly at the mid point of the course. We had tools, a bike stand, first aid, water, beer, and tons of donuts on hand. 
Hanging out there on course turned out to be really fun. More fun than I expected. 

Our spot was a good ways in from the road, so we hauled everything in with the Big Dummy. It was entertaining. 

Thanks for the great day Zia Rides! We will see you there next year. 

Is winter here?

It rained most all day today. I'm wondering if the East mountains are going to be muddy for the season. 
Managed to get out for a good Cedro loop on Monday, and it had just dried up from the last rainstorm. 

It was a beautiful day. We found our way onto some of the less commonly ridden trails. 

Guess it's time to dust off the singlespeed and head for the foothills.