Service and Repairs

Service and Repairs:

We are a full service repair shop. We have the proper tools for the most involved repairs (we love buying tools). We often find ourselves tackling projects that other shops in town were not willing to, and are frequently referred to by other shops for a number of our services (such as hydraulic brake service, and suspension rebuilding).

We take extreme pride in our service work. When you drop your bike off with Bikeworks, you know who is going to be fixing it (Dan and/or Dan), and you can rest assured it's going to be done right (30 years combined shop experience).

Some specialties include:

Wheel Building:

Swinton has built somewhere on the order of seventeen million wheels in the past 20 years, none which has ever broken a spoke, or even come out of true. Seriously, he's really good at building wheels, and really bad at talking himself up.

Wheel build labor rates are $80 each, $150 pair (increased rates may apply for tubeless rims, and ridiculous lacing patterns with “eye”, “foot” or “twisty” in the name).

Suspension Service:

Lucero has extensive practice and experience rebuilding and tuning forks and shocks. He previously worked in Research and Development at Manitou, where he learned the meticulous skills required to be a good suspension tech. He can rebuild nearly any make and model suspension fork, and has a comprehensive supply of seals and oil on hand.

Suspension fork service rates start at $60 plus parts, and vary depending on make and model specifics. Our most common service, a full rebuild on a Fox Float with new oils and main wiper seals, for example, is right around $100 after tax.

Hydraulic Brakes:

We do a lot of brake bleeds (and be “we”, we mean “Lucero”). He often finds himself spending an entire day bleeding brakes. We have the proper bleed kits for all major brands, and the experience needed to get it done right (every brand has it’s own little tricks, that make the difference between a mushy brake and a fantastic brake). Lucero might give you the stink eye when you drop off your vintage Magura Marta SL’s for repair (because they are going to ruin his day), but he’ll do the job well, and won’t hold a grudge.
We stock a large selection of small hydraulic brake parts (hoses, olives, barbs, etc.) and only use the highest-grade fluids for our bleeds.
Brake bleed service rates start at $30 a brake.

Frame Prep:

Did I mention we like buying tools? We have all the proper tools to prep your frame, and we keep them sharp. What’s the point in buying a high-end headset if you are going to push it into a crooked headtube? (I guess it still looks pretty, even if your fork sticks every time you turn left). Get your new frame faced and chased, it’s the right thing to do.

Frame prep service rates start at $25 (facing head tube, aluminum) and go up from there, based on a $60/hr shop rate.