About The Shop

About Us

     Once upon a time, two Dan’s were working together at a bike shop. After a number of years, for one reason or another, they found themselves disgruntled. Incapable of leaving the bike shop world for “big boy” jobs, but unwilling to continue living their lives without gruntle, they decided the only logical decision was to open their own shop. In November of 2007, after several months of manual labor and a lot of help from Charlie the Bikeshop Fairy, Bikeworks ABQ opened its doors for business.

     With an accumulated thirty-some years of working in bike shops between them, the Dan’s had very strong ideas of what made a good bike shop, and even stronger ideas about what made a bad one. With those general ideas as guidelines, Bikeworks ABQ has grown and evolved in a free flowing, natural sort of way since it’s opening in 2007. As a result, we have a small but comprehensive selection of bikes, parts, and accessories on hand. We are avid cyclists, covering every genre between us, we know what we like, and what we need to stay geared up. If it’s something we use personally, we probably have it for sale. If it’s not something we can get excited about and endorse personally, then you aren’t going to find it in our store.

     Bikeworks is a small shop, and we intend to stay that way. Familiar with the difficulty of maintaining a professional and reliable staff at a bike shop, we decided to be owner-operated. When you walk into our shop, you know whom you are going to be helped by, and you know that person is extremely experienced and personally invested in keeping you as a happy customer.

     Furthermore, when you drop your bike off for maintenance or repair at Bikeworks, you know exactly who is going to be working on it. We take great pride in our abilities as mechanics, and have built a reputation for our service work. Quite frequently after tuning a new customer’s bike for the first time, we receive a phone call to let us know that the bike has never run so well, even when it was brand new. When people go out of their way to compliment, rather than complain, on a regular basis, I know we are doing something right. (For more specific details on service and repairs, please see our “Service and Repairs” link from the website.)

     So if any of this sounds like the type of bike shop you are looking for, come by and check us out. You are likely to meet a few other like minded cyclists, maybe meet a new riding buddy, and hopefully leave excited to get out and ride!