About BikeworksABQ

The hardest part of owning a bike shop, in this modern economy, is probably writing the “About the Shop” section of the website. Seriously, it’s a ridiculous task.  We are supposed to brag about the shop, without sounding conceited. Tell you about how we are the best in town, hopefully in a way that doesn’t make our friends in all the other shops in town angry. Tell you all about what we do, which is essentially what every bike shop does, sell bike parts and accessories and perform repairs, but it’s really exciting when we do it!
However, we are pretty proud of our shop. We love the way it looks and feels. Having started with very nearly nothing over 10 years ago, we are constantly amazed at what this place has grown into. We have huge amounts of pride and confidence in our skills a professional bike mechanics.  We sell amazing bikes from the worlds best brands, which is super exciting because that means we get to ride those same bikes.  And we truly feel like we have not just the best customers, but a community of amazing people who trust us for guidance on equipment, and trust us to keep their bikes performing perfectly.  We believe that a bike shop is only as good as the people in it, and that we have the best people around.  We are relatively small, operating daily with four long term employees and two owners.  Our combined years of experience is an embarrassingly large number.  We have all intentionally chosen this career, and strive to be the best.
Periodically we get a phone call from someone who just had their bike repaired, and they are feeling great after a ride and want to let us know that their bike has never worked better.  Or someone who just bought a bike from us drops by to share a beer and tell us all about the ride they just went on and how much they love their new bike.  And every day we have people coming by just to hang out, see who they bump into, and just enjoy the atmosphere of our shop.  Thats why we do this, and that’s what Bikeworks ABQ is about.