15 Apr Moab…. Where the beer flows like wine. Part 1.

There is a little town in Utah, you probably haven’t heard of it, called Moab (pronounced moe-ab). The thing about Moab is that you can ride a mountain bike there, and it is super crazy fun.

Coincidentally I (Lucero) found myself in Moab on two different riding trips over the past three weeks.  The first trip was a dealer event with Devinci Cycles.  They decided this year that they should skip the trade show, and just go on rad mountain bike trips with their dealers all over the country.  We whole heartedly supported this idea the moment we were invited.  Using scientific methods, it was decided the Vince and I would be the lucky ones to go on the trip. 

Devinci did it up right, hosting several dealers in a big house in Moab, with a fully stocked kitchen and a caterer showing up each evening to cook up amazing dinners, and a completely ridiculous beer pile, as well as heavy duty margaritas every night.

Pro-tip; pick up your 20 cases of Ska brewing when you are in Durango, Moab beer prices aren’t fun.

And of course, awesome riding on amazing bikes.  We shuttled both days with Coyote Shuttles, home of the extended Vanagon shuttle rigs.

After years of seeing these vans in Moab, it was pretty fun to finally ride in one (except actually I was super hung over and car sick the whole time).  Our driver made the extended vans himself, and he is the mechanic for the fleet as well.  He was a Vanagon zealot, as you may guess.  It was a fun conversation on the drive to Upper Porcupine on our first day of riding.

We were dropped off in the clouds and fog, with a light drizzle/snow starting shortly after we started riding.  It was sort of an ominous start to the day, which didn’t help me feel any better about the hangover/car sickness. 
But, the weather cleared up pretty quickly, and it turned into a beautiful day. 

Pro-tip; tuck your ears under the band of your Rec Specs for maximum aero, and for the ladies.  
 Vinnie givin’ the trail the ol’ what-for.
If you haven’t “done” Porcupine Rim, you really should.  And if you can time it right, do the Whole Enchilada (there is often snow at the top in the spring, and summer in Moab can be brutally hot, so we usually seem to miss out on it).  
Our second day of riding was the collection of trails known as Mag 7.  It was bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s).  
I’m too sexy for this cliff. 
Mid-ride sandwich was so good, it seemed selfie worthy.
The challenging and unique trails combined with absurdly impressive views makes Moab a truly special place.
The Mag 7 route finishes on Portal trail, famous for being super technical and also deadly.  It was super impressive to watch many of the guys in our group charge the trail at full speed and make it look easy.  I could see them doing this from my position off the back, where I definitely did not make anything look easy.  
Zoom in, can you spot the rider in black (or the trail)?
We rode back into town, and to the house, for another night of amazing food, endless beer, and good company.  It was a lot of fun partying with other shop owners from the region.  I don’t often get to chat with other bike shop owners, and I made new friends from Kokopelli, Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven, and Colorado Cyclist, among others.  
We partied enough on the last night that I achieved drunken selfie status with our gracious hosts from Devinci, Bryan and Francis.
Turns out the Québécois like to party too!

Big thanks to Devinci, and Brent and McKenzie for having us on the trip, and the absolute first class rock star treatment.  

Thats all the attention span I have for now, so next time I’ll get to my second Moab trip, with my crew from Elevate PHW, and our tackling of White Rim trail in one day.