01 Dec Closed Saturday 12/2 …. Swinton’s gettin’ hitched!

Hello Dear Readers!
You may remember a fella that goes by the name of Dan Swinton, aka Danny, aka Swank Steak (nobody actually calls him Swank Steak). You know, the red head that hides in the corner and builds the wheels, and owns half the store with me.
Anyway, that fella decided to see if his Special Lady Friend, the lovely Ms Anona, was willing to marry him. This was generally considered a good thing for him to do, as it was commonly accepted that Swank Steak would never find another Special Lady Friend as lovely and perfect for him as Ms Anona. 
Much to everybody’s surprise, Ms Anona agreed to his proposition.  In fact, she more than just agreed, she was quite enthusiastic about it, and set about planning the wedding post-haste! And that day is coming up, on Saturday December 2nd!

Unfortunately, the wedding could not be planned to accommodate Bikeworks normal operating hours. And for some reason, everybody that works at the shop was invited to the wedding, which honestly concerns me a little, as I’m not sure all our employees are wedding-guest material, but oh well.

The point being, we have no choice but to close the business for the day of December 2, 2017.  I assure you we are quite brokenhearted at having to miss a wonderful Saturday of working in the shop, and I will spend most of my conscious thoughts on the bikes I could be fixing for you, Dear Reader, while attending the wedding.  Seriously.

But, it’s not everyday that your business partner and best friend gets to marry his soul mate (I’m assuming they are soul mates, based on the amount of time they have spent riding a tandem together without breaking up), so we gotta do what we gotta do.

Thanks for reading, and we will be back open on Monday Dec. 4th at 8am, most likely with stories of drunken wedding shenanigans for your entertainment.