17 May Who’s going to Santa Fe?

So what has everybody got planned for the weekend? Have you heard about the Bike & Brew fest in Santa Fe? Its got like, bikes, and beer, and music, and food, and stuff.  Seems like you could definitely find a worse way to kill some time.

Here’s a random picture of my two dogs, nicely stacked, because I like to put a picture near the top of each post.

I checked it out last year, it was a  pretty cool scene. Unfortunately last year it was really cold and rainy during the event. Hopefully this year will be nicer weather. Also they moved it from the Railyard area over to Fort Marcy park, which is an awesome park. So I think the vibe will be more festival-y.

There are numerous organized rides that you can sign up for, so if there are trails in the area you haven’t done before, this might be a good way to learn them.

There is also the Poker Ride put on by our bro-hams at BTI. You ride around La Tierra and pick up playing cards, and then you can win prizes and get beer. It costs $20 but it’s a fund raiser for trail building, so quit being cheap.

I will be most likely toiling away at the Bikeworks sweatshop on Saturday, but perhaps the boss will let me off early enough to catch some of the fun.  Then on Sunday I will be partaking in the Santa Fe Century, with my beautiful and lovely wife on our school bus yellow tandem.

(my wife is short, but the children’s stoker cranks are for the kid, not her)
We haven’t exactly put many miles in on the bike, so we’re going to do the 50 mile option, assuring we all make it home alive and in good spirits.  
Shortly after we acquired this lovely tandem, I hooked up the trail-a-bike to it, and rode with my 8 year old on the back, and my 5 year old in the middle. It was about all I could do to keep upright when my boy started rocking side to side on the trail-a-bike.  That experiment only happened once.
Anyway, also in Santa Fe on Sunday is the Big Mountain Enduro series race at Glorietta Camps.
The BME series is pretty big, and you should expect to see some pro level riders hauling ass, which makes for good spectating.  I plan on cruising over there to do some watching after the century. 
 I raced the Enduro at Glorietta last year (it wasn’t part of the BME then) and there was a newly built trail called Chilidog.  That trail had some pretty cool technical spots, with A and B lines, that were a short hike up from the start/finish. So I’m thinking this will be a good place to head to with a backpack full of beers on Sunday afternoon.

(I got so rad at the enduro last year!)
So thats about the gist of it.  If anybody is planning on being up there this weekend, let me know, maybe we can meet up, and high-five, and be all like “hey Bro, we normally high-five in Albuquerque, but now we are in Santa Fe!” And then we will slam our beers and go get another.
And if you pass us during the Century, say Hi! We should be easy enough to spot, the bike is literally (like, literally, you guys) school bus yellow.
‘Til next time.