News! We are ABQ's Exclusive Yeti Dealer

Anybody who has rolled through the shop these past couple weeks probably noticed that there is a whole lot of Turquoise on display lately.  And it's not because we are gearing up to move to Santa Fe.  We are officially the new exclusive dealer for Yeti in Albuquerque.

For reals! Check it out, we are even on the dealer locator....

(I find seeing our shop on these dealer locaters very satisfying for some reason.)

We have wanted to be a Yeti dealer for many years now, but it previously wasn't possible due to other arrangements they had with shops in town.  But an opportunity came up recently and jumped on it.

It turns out many of our dedicated customers are Yeti fans as well, because as word started spreading all the usual suspects came rolling in placing orders.  The SB5C has been the most sought after so far, closely followed by the ASR C and the completely sold out SB6 C.

We have a couple of SB5C frames on the wall at the moment, just waiting to get built.  And we will have demo bikes available in both medium and large in the very near future (like as soon as we get a minute to build them).

The ASRC is Yeti's 4" race machine.  We have built one so far, with XX1, the Rock Shox RS-1 fork, and some trail worthy carbon wheels.  With reasonable tires, plenty of sealant, and pedals it weighed just a hair over 23 lbs.  

The SB6 C is their big trail bike, "Enduro" if you will.  We haven't had a chance to get our hands on one yet, as Yeti has been completely sold out of these for a while now.  But we have one sold arriving this month, and we will get one or two of our own just as soon as we can.

They have a few other models too, but you can go check out the website for those, because I'm getting tired of typing now and it's time to watch some Archer on Netflix.

So stop on by and drool on our new toys with us!

Thanks for reading.

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