Oh, hi there 2015! Boats! Santini! Borealis! Exclamation Points!

So, new year and such, eh?

Firstly, we'd like to say thank you to all our awesome customers for making 2014 our biggest year ever!  If we continue seeing this type of growth, I'll be placing an order for my Yacht in another 150 years or so!

(oldie but goodie!)
New Year? New Stuff!  After some serious down time without Bikeworks bottles to sell, they are back with a vengeance!

The Podium bottle from CamelBack is the best bike bottle out there, and it's even better when it says Bikeworks on it!

Whats that? You want to see more new stuff that says Bikeworks on it? Fine!

Arm warmers by Santini to match our jersey oh so perfectly. And....

Thermal insulated long sleeve jerseys.

We are loving all our new clothes from Santini.  Made in Italy goodness.

In other new news, we have a new brand! We are now New Mexico's first Borealis dealer! High performance fat bikes! Ride it everywhere, feel like a little kid, shit eating grins guaranteed! Exclamation points!!!!!!

I recently took the new Borealis up to Sandia Peak to try it out. And it was grand...

But the drive down was a little hairy.

"hmmm, looks icy. Better take a pic"

Danny got a balance board for Christmas...

And we finally had a Bikeworks Crew bowling night.  The most notable thing that happened was We's shirt, which was spectacular...

"the pink ball man, it's all about the pink ball"

Who else saw the mudman down on the Bosque over the past couple of weeks? Sadly, I think is now longer with us...

And in closing, do you know Mark Castelo? Because I totally stole his sunglasses..

(he thinks he's getting these back, ha!)

That's all I have for now (actually, I had written a lot more, but then Blogger disappeared it all into the ether, and so really, this is all I have the patience to write for a second time, for now).  I hope to keep more blogular activity for the 2015, in addition to saving another $20 for my Yacht.  Lofty goals, I know, but I did get a nice new (to me) laptop (borrowed the money out of my Yacht fund), and the clicky on the keys is soooo satisfying, that maybe I'll be motivated to type more.. Maybe.