02 Nov This week at Bikeworks….

Fall is always a fun time of year in the bike shop.  The franticness of summer has finally passed, and we can all catch our breath a little.  The weather right now is perfect for riding, there’s nothing better than sneaking out for a mid day fall ride.  We probably have a few more weeks of mountain biking in the Sandias and the East Mountains before the snow and mud starts, so get it while you can!

Also, this is the time of year that all kinds of new goodies start rolling in the shop.  Our 2014 models have begun trickling in, and it’s pretty fun.

Most importantly, I got a new bike….


It’s the 2014 Giant Trance Advanced SX, 27.5.  It has them new fangled inbetween size 27.5″ wheels, and one of them fancy carpet fiber frames, and a whole bunch of squishy suspension, and it makes you go fast and look sexy.  It’s amazeballs, and you should be jealous.

We actually have quite a few of the new Trance 27.5’s in, ranging from the $2125 “3” model, to the $3500 “1” model (which we are demo’ing).

Our demo fleet.

And for the ladies, we have the new Giant Lust, 4″ travel, 27.5″ wheeled model in stock and available for demo…

Have you seen the new Troy Lee A1 helmet in blue?

This picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s one good looking helmet. And it’s sooooo comfy, it feels like it is giving your head a gentle hug.

We’ve got new jerseys in the works.  Much like the old jerseys, but much more black.

We have a lot of new bikes in the works as well. Next week I will have a Rocky Mountain Instinct to show you (which we will be demo’ing), and we are anxiously awaiting the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt to show up, which will also be available for demo. 
Our new Turner Flux demo bike will be ready to ride next week as well.
And the hot new Devinci Troy is en route to our shop as we speak.  We will have frames at first, and then completes in December which will be joining the demo fleet.
Are you seeing a trend here? We are demo’ing everything, and we have a lot of badass bikes going on this year.
Have you heard of Detroit Bikes?
Useful, attractive, made in Detroit city bikes for $550.  It’s an awesome shift towards manufacturing in the US of mass production bikes for everyday riders.  We aren’t a dealer, but I’m thinking about it.  What do you think? $550 made in the US? Help save Detroit?  Ride your bike more, drive less?  I think we’re gonna have to get some.
Thanks for reading!