27 Nov Thanksgiving 2013… We’re Closed!

It’s that time of year, we get an excuse to close up shop and be gluttons for a day or two.

Of course we will be close on Thanksgiving Day.  As per usual, we will also be closed on Friday.  
We know, it’s un-American to be closed on “Black Friday” since we are a retail business, but we just can’t force ourselves to do it.  Despite being Capitalists by definition, the whole Black Friday spectacle just grosses us out.  When people start fighting each other over $38 TV’s, we can’t take it anymore…
We will be riding bikes, drinking beer, and not shopping on Friday.  We encourage you to not shop as well, but if you do decide to join the madness, please don’t kill anybody, it’s just stuff and there will always be more of it.
We will be back for normal hours on Saturday, fat and happy.
Happy Thanksgiving.