10 Nov November is here…

November has kicked off to a great start at Bikeworks.  We have some exciting stuff in the works and a whole bunch of new stuff rolling in every day. Such as…

(we ripped that box open like a kid on Christmas morning)

The Devinci Troy Carbon frameset.  We have these in stock now in Medium and Large sizes.  This frame weighs in at 6 pounds, has 140mm travel, 27.5 wheels,and a lifetime warranty on both the carbon and aluminum models. It sells for $1600 in aluminum, and $2000 in carbon.  And my favorite feature is that the internal cable routing is completely sheathed, so no fishing for cables when building it!
Check it out:

Next up, a Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy frame:

Canfield Brothers are one of many smaller companies that we don’t stock in house, but we are able to order for customers.  The Yelli Screamy is an aluminum 29er hardtail with a super short rear triangle and built around 120mm travel fork, for aggressive riding.  And Dirty Mike really likes it. I can’t wait to build this up for our buddy Brandon and see how it rides.

Red monkey found a cool multi tool made by Origin 8 that has a built in C02 inflator, which is really clever…

We picked up an awesome Ritchey Ascent to add to our vintage mountain bike collection:

A favorite feature so far has been the Shimano Deore XT chain stay protector with the high tech “Shark Fin” anti-chainsuck feature.  And of course it has an XT under the chainstay U-brake, that doesn’t slow you down at all.

Mountain bikes sure have come a long way.

Have you ever eaten juevos rancheros? Of course you have! Have you ever eaten chicken fried steak? I thought so.  Have you ever eaten juevos rancheros that uses chicken fried steak in place of the tortilla?  Well you should, because it will blow your mind..

(yeah I’m posting food pics, what are you going to do about it?)
Our good friend, and fellow mountain biker Jay Wolf is the owner of the Greenside Cafe in Cedar Crest.  Everything I have eaten there has been fantastic, and he has a proper local beer selection on draft.  AND it is conveniently located near all our best mountain biking trails in the Sandias and the Manzanitas.  So go there after your next ride, and eat twice as many calories as you just burned on your ride.  
Speaking of pimping out local businesses, I was on the radio this weekend, with Keep it Querque, a local business advocacy organization.  I haven’t listened, because I have no interest in hearing my own voice on the radio, but you should totally listen, because I’m sure I was amazing.  And thanks to the glory of the internet, you can listen anytime by clicking here…
If your are interested in leaning more about the values of supporting local, or own a business yourself and might want to become a member (I highly recommend it), then go here..
We have some cool projects in the pipeline as well. You may have noticed the new ad on the left for Ground Effect clothing.  We are working with them to become an ambassador shop for them of sorts, as they don’t have any U.S. importers.  The clothes are awesome, and indestructible. We have been buying their stuff for years now. More details to come soon.
(our real goal is to have a place to crash in New Zealand, because it looks unbelievable there)
And last but not least we will be unveiling a new customer rewards points program.  I know it sounds kind of corporate cheesy, but we will do this Bikeworks style, don’t worry.  Basically, we have a ton of super loyal customers, and we want to build in some discounts to say thanks.  It will be nearly zero effort on your part, and we will give you store credit as a percentage of what you spend. There will also bee extra incentives available if you facebook about us, refer people, etc.  
So, lots of details about that coming very soon!
Thanks for reading!