20 Nov Introducing Ground Effect Clothing, a Bikeworks ABQ Favorite

Listen up customer people! For many years now, we have been quietly using cycling clothing from a New Zealand company called Ground Effect. They have a fairly large line-up of clothing with some unique qualities and features that aren’t found on apparel over here in the US of A. They make most of their clothes at home in New Zealand and we can wholeheartedly say that they make great stuff. We particularly appreciate that their gear is very durable and long-lasting- I think every piece that any of us ever bought (going back 6 years now) is still in service and looking good. 

So, Bikeworks is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Ground Effect to create a, unique to the US, program that gives Bikeworks Albuquerque customers incentives to order from Ground Effect. In the not too distant future, we will have some size-runs of a number of their products so you can try them on to ensure a good fit. In the meantime, we have a variety of tops and bottoms that we are all wearing on a daily basis- so  if you see something on the Ground Effect website that you would like to put your hands on, give us a shout and we probably have one that you can check out.

To check it out, click on the Ground Effect banner to your left.  That will pop open a new tab, with a $30 coupon. Click on the coupon and their website will open. Create an account with them, receive $30 off your first order, and earn 5% rebate towards future orders.  Pretty awesome deal on some pretty awesome clothes!