We've come a long way...

I recently found these photos from when we were just starting to build out the shop.  It reminded me of how much work we have put in, and makes me appreciative of how nice our shop looks now.  

We started with just two pieces of slatwall on our East wall.  We periodically added more pieces as we got more stuff,  and now the slatwall goes the entire length of the shop, 9 feet high.

You can see here that the shelf that runs on the East wall, and also the "loft" above the bathroom are missing. We installed those around 2010.

In this pic Danny lovingly admires our security gate, which is about 1/2 installed right then.  We were very excited to get our space secure so we could start spending our loan on inventory and filling the store.

Danny built the work bench that you can see in this pic.  He and I still use these benches today.  If you look closely you can see that the front door is on the East side of the store front.  Eventually we had the front windows popped out and reorganized to place the door more towards the middle.

Here is my workbench when we opened.  You can see in the back our original storage plan for repair bikes, it consisted of about 8 hooks. I guess we had modest plans.  You can't see Danny's bench in this picture, but I assure you, that from day 1 it was already way messier than mine.

This is the majority of our product selection when we opened.

Hope you enjoyed these photos. If I find some more that illustrate some of the shops progression I'll post them.

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