New Goodies in the shop.

We have a few new brands and items in the shop recently that I wanted to show off a little.

Firstly, Swinton did some sunglass shopping with Optic Nerve.

We got a selection of sporty and casual glasses. Some have multiple lens colors, some have photo chromatic lenses, some have wire frames, some have plastic.  They range from $50 to $70, they have a lifetime warranty, and they seem like legit people based out of Colorado.  

Nextly, we bought a selection of body armor from Leatt.

Mostly elbow and knee pads, in the soft and breathable variety that you might like for aggressive trail riding or enduro racing.  A wide range of sizes, they will fit everyone from kids to very big kids.  We are also stocking the Leatt neck brace, which is a staple in the downhill world for those interested in not being paralyzed.  We figured that if Leatt can make a brace that keeps you from breaking your neck, they will probably know how to keep you from getting a boo-boo on your knee.  And also, my old Manitou co-worker and bro-ham deluxe Bobby McTuna is now working for them, so that's a good thing.

We just built some properly badass wheels.  The new DT Swiss Straighpull 240 hubs onto some ENVE AM 27.5 rims with bladed spokes.

They were, how do you say, very very nice!

Hmmm, what else?  The Devinci Tosca cross frame...

$660 for frame and fork, you get an aluminum frame, carbon fork, the best painjob in the industry, and a lifetime warranty.  What else can you ask for?

So, did you watch the Tour today?  What do you think, did Cavendish take that guy out? We were thinking he was going to be reprimanded for that one.

That's all I got for today. Time to go home.

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  1. I say he took him out. Did not watch any interviews or commentary, just saw the end of the race and thought, What an asshole?