11 Apr 2013 Rocky Mountain 770MSL In Stock and For Sale! Another Rocky Mountain Demo Day in the works.

Hey everybody,
just wanted to throw a quick note out there to say that we are currently sitting on a Medium, 2013 Rocky Mountain 770MSL in the shop.

Just wanted to throw this bit of info out there on the ol’ WWW, because this is one of the most sought after, hardest to get your hands on bikes of the summer.  Word is that Rocky has doubled the production of all the Altitude models for this year, and it is still almost 100% pre-sold. Meaning that Rocky Mountain will have nearly zero Altitudes sitting in their warehouse for the next several months.

But, us smart guys at Bikeworks will have a few sitting in our shop, at least for a short while.  We have the Medium 770MSL on hand currently, and we will have a large to go with it soon. We will also be receiving a size selection of the more affordable aluminum Altitude 750.

Check out the lineup here…


We had a demo day with Rocky Mountain a couple of weeks ago up at Tunnel Trailhead. It was great, we had about 12 bikes, and sent about 25 riders out on test rides aboard the Altitude, the Instinct, and the Element 29 BC.  We are working on scheduling another demo day for early May, so stay tuned. This will work well, as we will be receiving the rest of our stock of Altitudes in late April.

Thanks for reading!