Rocky Mountain Demo Day, Saturday March 23


Hey Everybody!

We are having a demo day Saturday, March 23rd, featuring Rocky Mountains 2013 lineup.
If the trails are dry enough, we will set up at Tunnel Trailhead, in the East Mountains.  If the trails are still looking muddy, we will be set up at Elena Gallegos picnic ground. Stay tuned to either this website or our Facebook acct. for an update on Friday to find out for sure.

We will have a nice selection of Rocky Mountain's 2013 models, including their highly anticipated Altitude Carbon 650b.  Also, we will have the Instinct (5" travel 29er full suspension), the Element 29 BC Edition (4" travel rear, 5" travel front, carbon 29er full suspension w/ dropper post), the Vertex 990 (superlight carbon 29 hardtail), and last but not least, the Slayer (6" travel All Mountain 26er).

We will be set up for the entire day, the bikes will be free for the trying, and available on a first come first served basis. Bring your pedals and some ID, and come ride somebody else's sweet bikes.

Please contact the shop with any questions.

Hope to see you there!

Breaking News: Bikeworks ABQ acquires W.W. Enterprises!

We here at Bikeworks ABQ are proud to announce the acquisition, or "hiring" if you will, of our newest team member, Wesleyton Wambolternhammersmith.  Actually, I have no idea what his real name is, we just cal him "Wes", as he calls himself "Wes", however I have no clue how he is spelling "Wes" in his mind when he says "Hi, I'm Wes."  I suppose these are details that I should figure out, now that he is an employee.

I don't have any pictures of Wes yet, but I did a quick Googular images search, and found the following:

I think if you mentally meld the above 4 images, you will have a pretty good idea of what Wes looks like, if you know what I mean. (As a side note, the Google Images search results for Wes Wambolt are perplexing and random.)  And if you are still confused, just come to the shop, and figure that he is the new guy who is fixing bikes and who isn't Dan, Dan, or Dirty Mike.

We are very excited to have Wes working with us. We tried to hire him a couple of years ago, but he wanted to move to boring, stupid, ugly old Salida Colorado instead. But to our good fortune, he just couldn't stay away from Albuquerque, and his return means we get to add another highly experience and talented person to our already stupendously knowledgeable, good looking and charming crew whose personal hygiene is the best you will find in Albuquerque bike shops.

Here at Bikeworks ABQ, we like each team member to have a "thing" that our customers will remember.  We feel it builds customer loyalty, and makes our valued customers feel like part of the family, like they really know us.
For example, Dan Lucero's "thing" is that he knows everything, has never made a mistake in his life, and yet he is incredibly modest.  It's a shocking combination, sort of like Einstein mixed with Ghandi.



( I decided to look for a photo of Dan Lucero using Googular Images, and whilst I did find one actual photo of the Dan Lucero pertinent to this conversation, I mostly found mug shots of other Dan Luceros and the above photo of some random "sexy lady" in a sparkly mini dress, which seemed like the best choice.)

Dirty Mike's "thing", or shtick, is being Dirty Mike, which means he is likely to tell the dirtiest joke you have heard in a long time, and he is likely to have quite dirty hands, and he may unintentionally give some dirty looks.  But most of all, he is going to create some dirty air in his immediate vicinity.

Dan Swinton's "thing" is that he has red hair.

(sorry Dan)

Well, my point is that we need to help Wesleyton Wambolternhammersmith come up with his "thing", to help him integrate into the Bikeworks culture.
My idea is that he becomes the guy who slaps customers on the ass, you know, in lieu of a handshake or hello, in a sort of "atta boy" style.  However, I am still taking suggestions on that one.

In closing, to summarize, we have a new guy. His name is supposedly Wes. He fixes the bikes, and he is the shiz. 

 The end.