Time to get out the Calendar!

Do you ever find yourself sitting at home on a Saturday night, gazing up at the crack in your ceiling and wondering what races the Bikeworks guys are planning to attend this summer?

Well, prepare to have your  mind blown, because you are about to get told what races we are doing this summer!

We are long time fans of the Zia Rides race series, and we will be doing our first "really long" race of the season at the 12 Hours in the Wild West, held outside of Ruidoso NM on April 13th.


We have been attending this race since it's first year, and plan to continue attending forever and ever.  So far it has been a smaller race (in a good way), but it's still fairly new and is likely to keep growing every year. The course is fun, not too technical, but all singletrack and never boring.  Ruidoso is a quick drive away if you don't feel like camping, and it's an easy drive from Albuquerque. What's not to like?

Nextly, there will be the newly re-dated Dawn 'til Dusk in Gallup NM on May 18th...


A race with an awesome course and horribly unpredictable weather, the date for this race has finally been pushed back from April to May for 2013. This should provide more reliable weather for bike racing, which will allow Dawn 'til Dusk to attain it's rightful place as one of the best 12 Hour races in the world! Or at least one of the best in the Four Corners.

There is an unfortunate scheduling conflict, as the brand new Angel Fire Enduro will be happening at the same time. But we have been begging and pleading for a new Dawn 'til Dusk date for so long that now we just have to go. Also, we will give the Angel Fire Enduro a year to see how it all shakes out, being a brand new race, and maybe check it out next year.

On June 15/16 we will keep up our Zia Rides theme with 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest.  New Mexico's only 24 hour race is a great one, and this year it is the 24 Hour National Championship venue as well.  We've attended this race the past 2 years and we have a 100% success rate at fun-having...



We like to bring everybody we've ever met to this one, so expect to hear more reminders to come and play in the future.  If you have never been to a 24 Hour race before, it is time for you to do so.  Seriously, 24 Hour races have been going on for like 20 years now, and every year your friends talk about how much fun they had, and you're all "oh I'm totally going to go next year."  And then the next year comes, and you're a little anxious because you've never done one before, and you have to get a team together, and you haven't been riding that much, and you say "next year, totally next year, but this year won't work because I have a hair cut appointment that weekend."  But that is a lie, and we all know you cut your own hair.  And then you hear the stories of adventure, mayhem, and heroism after the race and you regret it.  WELL NOT THIS YEAR PAL! YOU ARE GOING, AND IT WILL BE AWESOME!  (fin)

I would like to say that I am going to get out the following weekend to the Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop and complete the whole thing, but I would be lying.  You should try it though! You will be all trained up from putting in the big miles at Enchanted Forest.


At least one of us from the shop will likely show to the Chama Redneck Epic on July 13....


It will be a first time for Bikeworks to make it to that race, but we've heard it's lots of good. Possibly just the 50 mile route though, 70 miles sounds long enough that you might be too tired to get drunk afterward, and 100 miles is just plain silly.

August brings us a new NM Endurance race, the Watermelon Beatdown on the 10th...


This takes places all over the Sandias, and we will be quite obliged to attend as these are our regular stomping grounds.  Very excited about this one.

We are trying to commit to the Durango Enduro on August 31 / September 1st.  Registration is likely to fill up soon, but at $150 it's a pretty expensive race and it's far enough away that it is hard to clear the calendar just yet (remember, we're all family men, and we all have the wee children that need the taking care of like nearly every day).  I'll keep you posted if we pull the trigger.

And in September Chuckie has some ideas about heading out to the Rico 100...


We have ridden most all of that course in small pieces over time, and it is amazing out there.  Although the whole 100 miles sounds ludicrous, it would be fun to go see how far we can make it.

And that puts us way too far into the future to be planning anything, even for a bunch of married guys with young children who have to plan even the shortest bike rides well in advanced.  So I will say farewell and hopefully we will see you, Dear Reader, at some races this summer!

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