5th Anniversary Party!

On November 17, 2012 Bikeworks Albuquerque will be old enough to start Kindergarten (and mature enough as well)!!

To celebrate, we are throwing ourselves a party on Saturday night, November 17th.  The schedule of events is as follows:

4pm:   Shut down the shop early, drink one last beer and head out to Night Cross.

            Night Cross is always our favorite cross race of the year. It's a blast to race and to spectate.

5pm: Heckle, jeer, and cheer the ladies while they do their cross race.  

6:15pm:  Line up for the Men's open race. Proceed to suffer, regret our choice of lunch and drinking beer before a race, and finish near to last, but not care a bit because it was a great time.

7:15pm:  Finish race. Tell some lies about feats of strength and bike handling prowess.  Change out of the superhero suit and into some slightly less smelly clothes. Haul ass down to Sister Bar.

8:00pm:  Arrive at Sister Bar, and proceed to get our drink on.

          Located under the Anodyne downtown, Sister is a new bar owned by some friends of ours. They boast an impressive 43 beers on draught, and not just any 43 beers. You won't find any Coors, Bud, Michelobe, or anything like that on their draught list.  

These guys were gracious enough to let us come and crash some part of their bar on Saturday night, and even agreed to offering Bikeworks guest beer specials from our friends at New Belgium and Marble Brewery.  So when you get to the bar, find one of us, we'll give you the secret password to get in on the cheap drink deal.
Also, we plan on buying a mess of pizzas from NYPD, to help sop up the beer.  

And that's about it.  We want to race our bikes, and we want to get our drink on, all in the name of keeping our business open for 5 years.  We have made so many new friends since we opened.  We have so many awesome customers that we love hanging out with.  So hopefully a lot of you can make it, and we can all enjoy each others company outside of the shop for a change.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you there!


  1. just did a totally serious alleycat. and this post made me itch for some night cross action. that's gonna be a painful mistake. maybe saner minds will prevail.

  2. Good to know about this anniversary party. Last week I along with my sister threw our grandparents a surprise anniversary party at one of San Francisco venues. Did lovely decor there. Also arranged luscious food stall. All the invitees loved the event and had lovely time.

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