Some Videos to watch

Red Bull Rampage happened recently, did you hear about it? Kurt Sorge won, atop a Giant Glory. Watch his winning run here...,15656/iceman2058,94

So, all you need to do is come in the shop, buy a Glory from us, and then you will be able to ride like that. Get it?

Dirty Mike came across this video about the Lance Armstrong saga going on right now.  It seems like a pretty good explanation of the history of the Armstrong doping story, as well as coverage of what has happened the past couple weeks. Find the video here...

And if anybody has any questions that aren't answered by the video, just come by and ask Swinton, because he has read every last word of the trial transcript, as well as every article written about the drama.

Okay, I was going to post more cool videos, but computers hate me, and I hate them, so now it's time to go.

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