Turner, Devinci, Liteville, oh my!

Big shop news of the week is that we are now officially the Turner dealer of Albuquerque.  Turner was looking for a dealer in town, and thought that we would be a good fit.  We have always liked Turner as a company, American built, well thought out mountain bikes for real world riding with great attention to detail.
We are starting off by getting a Sultan frame in to be used as a demo bike.  If you are not familiar with the Sultan, it is their 125mm travel 29er trail bike...

We are getting it with the Kashima rear shock, and a Fox 34 140mm Float on the front.  We are going to use some Easton Haven wheels we already have in the shop, and probably dig up an XT drivetrain or something else suitable for a demo bike.  It's going to be rad.  Of course I had to order it in Large, so it "just happens" to be my size.

We are excited to be bringing Turner into the shop, it is nice to offer an American made bike from a company with such a killer reputation.  I hope to bring in a 5 Spot soon to also add to the demo fleet, and of course their upcoming 650b wheeled Burner will be on order when it becomes available.

Turner Burner 650b Preview on bikerumor.com

From our other new brand, we picked up a medium Devinci Atlas XP and have added it to our demo fleet. With 110mm of rear travel, adjustable BB height and headtube angle, and 16.9" chainstays (crazy short for a full sus 29er) this is one playful, flickable 29er.

Give us a shout if you would like to take it out for a ride.  Our demo program is $60 a day, and if you end up getting a bike from us the money goes toward your purchase.  This bike has already been out a few times, and we've had nothing but positive feedback.


In other badass trailbike news, I finally finished building Charlie's Liteville 301 today.  Whats that, you've never heard of Liteville?  Well, neither had I until Charlie came in and showed me their website, and then told me to get him one.  They are German engineering at its finest. These guys dork out on stuff that other companies simply ignore.  This bike has more cool little details built into it than just about anything I've worked on in a long time.  We have no idea if it rides as nice as we hope it does, but I've got a pretty good feeling about it.


I recommend reading through the furious dork out session on the link above.  At first glance the frame doesn't look a whole lot different, but it's all about the details.
Currently the 301 frame is being imported to the US in the hard ano black color (which is awesome), and if I'm not mistaken the 601 model may be coming to the US soon, and I'm guessing anything can be special ordered.  Come by the shop and check it out before Charlie takes it home.

Have you heard about the new Giant Trance 29er coming out?...

Of course you have, it's old news by now.  But it's exciting.  We will be receiving full 2013 Giant specs and pricing hopefully next week, and it is possible that the Trance 29 will be shipping in early August, or so I've been told.
Vital MTB has a good writeup on the bike, but before you click on the link below, I implore you not to get sucked into reading the comments below the article.  They surely will just make you stupider and will waste minutes out of your life that you won't get back.  What is it about armchair mountain bike "experts" and their amazing ability to be so irritating, and uninformed, and over opinionated?


Well, I've got some Olympic "soccer" to watch and a couple more beers in the fridge with my name on them (I write my name on all my beer. My kids are too young to read, but I figured it would be a good habit to get into before they are old enough to start trying to steal my beer.)  Thanks for reading!

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