X Fusion Demo Ride, Sunday May 27,

John from X Fusion Shox is coming to Albuquerque this weekend, with a van full of demo bikes kitted out with their forks and shocks.
We talked about doing a demo day, but that sounded too much like work, and involved not riding bikes.
Instead, we are doing a group demo ride.

We will be heading out from Otero Canyon trailhead Sunday, May 27th, 10:30 am for an open invite group ride.  Feel free to show up and get set up on one of the demo bikes, and try out some of the sweet suspension that X Fusion is making these days.    We are going to try and start riding around 10:30, but if you are interested in getting on a demo bike, show up early (9:30 or later) to give us time to get everything dialed in.

We will probably ride for 3 or 4 hours, bouncing all around in Otero, riding the typical loops.

Some of the demo bikes available will include Turner 5 Spots, Santa Cruz Tallboys, Tomac Diplomats, Ibis Mojo HD's, and Specialized Enduros.

After we finish our ride we will be hanging out at the trailhead with a tent, beverages, snacks, and we will continue to send people out on demo bikes for the day.

Give us a heads up if you are definitely planning on attending, so we can start to get a head count.

So you don't know about X Fusion suspension yet?  They are currently making what is, in my opinion, some of the best suspension available today.  Such at their trail fork, the 140mm Velvet, which I am currently riding personally.  It retails for about half the price of a similar Fox, and I think it's the best riding fork I've ever owned. Check out the website...


Hope to see everyone out there this Sunday!