14 Apr Sedona is good, Dawn ’til Dusk will be interesting…

Spent last weekend in Sedona with several of the usual suspects. It was the first time I had ridden there, and I am very impressed and can’t wait to get back.

We rolled in Friday afternoon, got a good 3 hour ride or so in before finding our condo. Then Saturday we basically did 3 loops, including the well known Hangover and Highline trails, which were both fantastic. And on Sunday we rode again, less technical trails in general, which was good. I really can’t tell you much about what areas or what trails we rode, as I don’t really pay attention and just follow along.
I’m going to take the easy way out, and just link Charlie’s Flickr page with all his pics from the trip. They are similar to my pics, but better, and have more of me in them…

Link to Charlie’s Flickr page

On our biggest riding day, Saturday, we were joined by a friend of a friend of Marcs, a guy who goes by the name Zach.  Zach is a Sedona local, and was nice enough to join us for our ride and generally guide us around.  When he first pulled up to our condo, I noticed that he had brought a fully rigid singlespeed 29er.  I immediately started wondering if there had been a miscommunication, as I had been told we were riding some pretty legit stuff that day, or if Zach was just a proper badass.
Turns out, he is a proper badass.  He proceeded to take us all to school with his rigid singlespeed.  He went up the hill faster, and down the hill faster, and off the technical stuff that many of us wouldn’t.  We rode all day trying to keep up with him, as he happily just cruised along, with his 2 water bottles, and no pack.
I just kept thinking “it’s not the bike, it’s the rider,”  and “maybe fully rigid singlespeeds aren’t stupid after all.”

Zach was riding a Form Cycles frame, the owners of which he is very close friends.  Form was started by a couple of guys who formerly made frames for Titus.  It was interesting to be riding with somebody so close to the company, as it is a brand that has really had our attention lately.  They make a beautiful bike.

Regardless of what the local badasses choose to ride,  I was thrilled with my new Trance X carbon 5″ travel wonderbike.  For the trip I took my silly light carbon DT wheels off and rode some WTB wheelset that Marc had laying around.  I also slapped a dropper post onto the bike, and quickly became very fond of it.  That Trance X is proving to be a real versatile bike, and I’m really liking it.

It was an awesome trip, this here little blog post doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s late, and something is better than nothing.

Lastly, good luck to everybody at Dawn ’til Dusk this weekend.  We have a handful of guys out there flying the Bikeworks flag for us.  Thanks guys!

Thanks for reading!