26 Mar It’s time to ride!

Big news for local ABQ mountain bikers. If you haven’t heard already, Cedro is almost completely dry, and is ready to be ridden.  That’s exciting news for all us locals that have been riding nothing but the Foothills and perhaps Placitas and White Mesa for the past 4 months.

Speaking of the east mountains, have you heard about the planned addition to Tunnel trail?

Hugging the ridge west of Tunnel, it looks like it will be a nice alternative route.  Perhaps a faster way to climb up to the top of “Rambo” and over to the new connector that drops down to Otero Canyon. Perhaps this will become a bit more of the way up, relieving traffic for those descending Tunnel, which is fast and fun and completely dangerous when people are climbing it.

If you are awesome and want to help build this new trail that is going to bring us so much joy, the trail build days were posted up on an MTBR forum last week…


Have you registered for 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest yet?


This is the most fun race I have attended probably ever.  The atmosphere and the course combine to just being a good old fashioned good time.  We are hyping this race big time, and trying to get anybody and everybody out there with us this year.
And, as an official sponsor, you can register for the race in our shop! I believe that will save you a few dollars over registering online.

Furthermore, we are officially sponsoring a bacon station at the race this year.  Yup, middle of the lap, all race long, there will be a smiling face out there handing you some crispy, delicious, motivational bacon.

What? Thats not good enough? Well it looks like our buddy Rick from St. Claire Winery wants in on the action, and this is turning into a bacon and wine station!  I believe that the bacon station will be mandatory for my team.  Every lap, at least one piece of bacon and a small glass of wine, no ifs ands or buts.

Speaking of my team, I’m am racing this year on a 4 (maybe 5) man team with my Dad, our buddy Alex, his Dad, and maybe his brother Elliot (who is likely to do a lap on his unicycle again if he goes).  We aren’t taking this too seriously or anything, but I’ll say right now that both our Dads are some pretty fast old dudes, and if anybody else has a father son team going, I want to know about it, because I don’t think they can beat us.

That’s all for now.  Spring is here, our trails are drying up, the shop is getting properly busy, I have sunburnt arms!