24 Hours of Old Pueblo....

8 hours into the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo at the moment.
You can watch live updates of the race with the following link:

Danny (Swinton) is racing with Scott Spangler (from ABQ) and two other friends in a 4 Person Single Speed team, team name is "Zia Gem".
At the Moment, they are sitting pretty in 3rd place.
Scott, notorious for breaking everything always, apparently cracked about 1/4 of his chainring off during his first lap, and managed to still put in a very fast lap. I don't know the details, but I don't understand how that's possible on a single speed.

Our buddy and freak on a bike Travis McMaster is on the 4 person SS team currently in 1st place "Single Minded".  Did you see any pics over the past years of a guy in a huge Winnie the Pooh costume, racing CX and crushing people despite the giant costume? That was Travis.

Also, our boys Alex Leonard and Marc Basiliere are racing a Male Duo team as "Evil Gazebo".  They are currently 10th place, which is easily within podium striking distance as they go into the night, when you will see who really put in the miles this winter to get ready for this race.  My money is on Alex and Marc holding consistent through the witching hours and slowly picking off other teams, and by the morning we will see them solidly in the top 5.

Ex-Albuquerqueian and friend of the shop Jen Albright is one of just a few gals brave enough to go Solo Singlespeed.  Keep it up Jen!

Check out the results, it's fun to keep tabs on.  The race will be over at noon on Sunday.

Good luck guys! Wish I was there to help drink your beer and cheer you on (don't really wish I was racing, really just want to be drinking their beer).


  1. Check out the Kona team in the 4 Person Men Open class. They are taking an unusual approach, and 1 guy put in the first 4 laps in a row, all blazing fast. Then 2 other guys are alternating for the next 4 laps. They haven't even sent out a 4th guy yet, and they are in 2nd. Very unusual method.

  2. Also, Danny's first lap was more like 1:02, not 1:08. There was reportedly an approximately 6 minute long mishap of a transition, which would have been tacked onto his lap time. Point is, he is really fast, even when he claims to be super out of shape.