2013 Giant teaser, Trance X Advanced SL framesets on sale!

Top story on Bike Radar at the moment has to do with planned carbon models from Giant in 2013.


I had heard that we can expect to see the carbon Anthem X 29 debuted at Sea Otter this year.  The other talk about a carbon Reign X with tweaked geometry would be fantastic.

I believe they left out the possibility of seeing a Trance X 29 pop up in 2013 as well.  As usual, I'm going to say that it will be alloy only at first.  The longer travel 29er market seems pretty hot right now, I don't see them ignoring it.

Speaking of carbon Giants, I've been able to get out a few times now on my new Trance X Advanced SL. It is very impressive.  I've noticed that I can't really tell whether the ProPedal is on or off while climbing, which tells me that the bike is a very efficient climber.  It is also shockingly plush, which is a lot of fun when combined with great pedaling efficiency.  This is definitely the most versatile bike I have owned.  With two wheelsets, I will happily race it XC and at the endurance events (my XT build came out to 25lbs with carbon wheels).  For some more demanding trails, I'll put some stronger, less expensive wheels and big tires on.

We have 3 of the 2011 Trance X Advanced SL framesets in the shop right now.  The original retail was $2,900.  We are selling them for $1,950.  The frame comes with a headset, and of course Giant's lifetime warranty.

Man, I am excited to get this bike out on something other than the foothills!

24 Hours of Old Pueblo....

8 hours into the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo at the moment.
You can watch live updates of the race with the following link:

Danny (Swinton) is racing with Scott Spangler (from ABQ) and two other friends in a 4 Person Single Speed team, team name is "Zia Gem".
At the Moment, they are sitting pretty in 3rd place.
Scott, notorious for breaking everything always, apparently cracked about 1/4 of his chainring off during his first lap, and managed to still put in a very fast lap. I don't know the details, but I don't understand how that's possible on a single speed.

Our buddy and freak on a bike Travis McMaster is on the 4 person SS team currently in 1st place "Single Minded".  Did you see any pics over the past years of a guy in a huge Winnie the Pooh costume, racing CX and crushing people despite the giant costume? That was Travis.

Also, our boys Alex Leonard and Marc Basiliere are racing a Male Duo team as "Evil Gazebo".  They are currently 10th place, which is easily within podium striking distance as they go into the night, when you will see who really put in the miles this winter to get ready for this race.  My money is on Alex and Marc holding consistent through the witching hours and slowly picking off other teams, and by the morning we will see them solidly in the top 5.

Ex-Albuquerqueian and friend of the shop Jen Albright is one of just a few gals brave enough to go Solo Singlespeed.  Keep it up Jen!

Check out the results, it's fun to keep tabs on.  The race will be over at noon on Sunday.

Good luck guys! Wish I was there to help drink your beer and cheer you on (don't really wish I was racing, really just want to be drinking their beer).

Crank Brothers Kronolog Seatpost

Have you heard of the new Crank Brothers dropper post? It has been surprisingly hard to find info on, but I just got this today...

Looks pretty hot.  Apparently there are 125 of them coming in on the first order, arriving soon. I just put our name on three.

Trance X Advanced framesets and other new items.

Firstly, the 2011 Trance X Advanced SL Framesets have arrived:


This frameset had an MSRP of $2,899 last year, details can be found here...

We are selling them for $1,949 while supplies last (we currently have 2 Mediums and 1 Large).

You may have noticed that the only way to get a full carbon Trance from Giant this year is to buy the Trance X Advanced SL 0 complete bike, which goes for $8,600.  One step down from that, and you are at the Trance X Advanced 2 with a carbon front triangle and alloy rear for $3,750.  We thought this left a pretty large hole in the lineup.  And with these framesets at this price, we will be able to custom build you a full carbon Trance with an XT drivetrain and the fork of your choice for around $5,000, for example.

Lastly, if you are looking at the geometry on the Trance X the head tube angle is listed at 69.5 deg.  But I just built mine last week with a 130mm X Fusion Velvet fork and the head tube angle measured at 68 deg.  So it isn't as steep as it looks on paper. 

Moving on, we have some other fresh produce in the shop...

If you have been paying attention, you know that 650b wheels are the hot new thing, and the solution to all your problems, the answer to all your questions.  We are excited to try out the wheel size, and have been stocking up.  
The Velocity Blunt SL rim in 650b, nice weight, nice width, and now Velocity rims are being made in the U.S.


But what about 650b tires?  Well now that the Schwalbe Racing Ralph is readily available (and in stock here) in a 650b x 2.25 tubeless ready option, we are all set.  

More hot wheel produce, the redesigned Stans Arch EX rims are in stock in both 26" and 29"

Lighter, wider, and stronger than the previous Arch rim, we think it's going to be a winner.

The redesigned 2012 Tomac Flint frame arrived last week.  Always a hot bike and hard to get your hands on, we ordered several, and received one, a Large frameset.  For 2012 you get a tapered steerer tube, post mount rear brake, a Thomson seatpost clamp, and you loose the eccentric bottom bracket.  It's light, has killer geometry, and retails for $499.

For those who like riding with flat pedals, we have started stocking the Five Ten Freerider shoe.  If you are like me, and have always thought that the Impact shoe was a little too Herman Munster looking, the Freerider may be just the thing.  We are stocking the Charcoal and Black color, other color choices available to order.

Heading to any races soon? Putting in the big miles getting ready for spring?  We have more food than we have room for on the wall at the moment.  So all food and nutrition is 25% off right now.  

We also have a sudden overstock of used bikes.  Ranging from $100 to $1800, road, mountain, commuter hybrid, we have quite a selection of used bikes at the moment.

And that's all I know for now.

Colnago's, Mavericks, Giants, Indy Fabs, etc...

First of all, we are riding this Friday (Feb. 3rd).  Say 6:45pm, top of Montgomery, for some good ol' North Foothills night riding fun.  I'm really excited to try out my new Exposure lights, which are just too damn nice (I have the Maxx-D and the Diablo en route).

In other news, we built Mean Dean another new bike this week (calling Dean "Mean Dean" is like calling a 400 lb guy "Tiny", btw). This one was really something special. A Colnago Master track frame, some true Italian made awesomeness.  It was really fun to get to put together.  Mean Dean did it up right too, with a Phil Wood BB and Record track cranks. He re-used the wheels off his last track bike, some Phil Wood hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro CD's.  It's fun to build a bike that you know will be just as cool, and ride just as nice, 30 years from now as it does today.

In news of the not-awesome, the above photo shows the surprisingly damaging results of a little inattentiveness.  What you are looking at is the bottom bracket and lower linkage on a full suspension Felt.  The front derailleur cable was accidentally routed through a cutout in the linkage, rather than around it.  It looks like this was done when the bike was bought new, about 3 years ago (not from us).  As a result, every time the suspension moved, the shift cable acted like a little saw blade and slowly cut a deep groove, almost completely severing that section of the rocker.  
Pretty amazing how the seemingly smooth shift cable can cut through the aluminum rocker, without any visible damage to the cable itself.  

Speaking of cutting metal, here is a pic of Mike doing what I suspect is one of his few favorite things in the world... grinding on metal.  It has been fun having him around. Every time something needs to be filed, or chiseled, or ground down, Mike is more than happy to jump in and take over.  And he does damn fine work too.  In this pic he is modifying a large socket wrench for me, removing the beveled edge so that it will grab more securely onto the shallow aluminum top caps of Fox forks.   The socket came out perfect.  If I had tried something like this, I would have burned all my nostril hair and ended up with half a socket, at best.

This beautiful orange Indy Fabulous Planet X just rolled in the door.  It's on consignment, but I don't want to sell it, I want to take it home and make it mine.  I've always had inexplicable bike-wood for Indy Fab.  It's about a 55cm frame.  If you have inexplicable bike-wood for Indy Fab too, come on by, we'll talk turkey, and you can try to get it out of my hands.

Speaking of awesome bikes, many of you have heard by now that Maverick is no longer in business.  We really hope this is a temporary situation, and that somebody picks up the design, updates the bikes a little, adds a 29er model, and lets us get back to selling what is undoubtedly one of the best full suspension designs ever.  
Charlie, the O.G. Maverick fan, has some fantastic pics of us enjoying our Mavericks over the years up on his blog:

(That's Mike, Charlie, and I, getting all Maverick on Les Gets, France)

Speaking of Charlie, above is a photo of the 2011 Giant Trance X Advanced SL, which is Charlie's co-favorite bike alongside his Maverick Durance.  His quote was that if he was trying to keep up with stupid young guys who are faster than him (uphill), on just about any type of terrain, he rides the Trance.  On the "epic" days, he rides the Maverick.  (Charlie doesn't have to worry about keeping up us fast kids on the "epic" days, because nobody is faster than Charlie at about hour 6 or 7, because Charlie never really slows down, or gets "tired", or "bonks", like us 150lb types do.)

Anyway, I bring up the Giant Trance X Advanced SL because we just ordered up 4 framesets from Giant, on closeout. They are 2011 models. Full carbon, 5" travel, lifetime warranty, phenomenal pedaling efficiency and small bump sensitivity.  Light enough to race on, burly enough to handle all our Albuquerque trail riding.  We have 2 mediums, 2 large frames coming in next week.  However, one of the large frames is going to me.  
Like I said, we got these on closeout, I don't know what the price is going to be yet, but it will be good, so come by and check it out if this sounds like your style. 
 I think many people seriously underestimate just how good this bike is.

That's it for now. I have to get back to my new addiction, Words With Friends.  I've got about 4 games going simultaneously,  all of which I'm loosing handily.