08 Jan Send me an email, get $5!

We are long past due to collect email addresses from customers for the purpose of sending out coupons, specials, etc.

So, it’s time to start, and I’m going to give you $5. Here’s how it goes:

1) Send us an email at bikeworksabq@gmail.com
2) Include your name and phone number, and a sweet little message to us, or a picture of your cat, or something.
3) I am going to add you to our customer database (if you aren’t already in it), along with a $5 credit on your account at the store.

Thats it.  Next time you are in, we will see the $5 credit, and ask if you want to use it. You don’t even have to remember about it, or print a coupon, or anything. Bang, easiest $5 you will make today.

We won’t bombard you with emails every day, or even every week. I’m thinking once or twice a month, and only when we have something pretty special to offer, or want to share info about an event or ride going on.

Thanks, and hope to hear from some of you!