08 Jan Really important information about stuff and also things.

With a couple of weeks gone by and no bike riding worth speaking of, I’ve been a little absent from the ol’ website lately. I suppose I could wow everybody with tales of playing with my kids, and my epic 2.5 mile commute to work, and re-organizing the tubes in the shop, and year-end inventory, but even that would be lies since Mike has been the one doing the organizing and the inventory.

Things are plugging right along in the shop, just about what you would expect January to be like.  Slow compared to summertime, but never quite slow enough to be able to put your feet up and not feel guilty about it.

The foothills have been muddy for-freaking-ever. Just this week it sounds like the the South Foothills are reasonable to ride, so I’m planning on heading out tomorrow morning, though there may be snow sneaking in tonight supposedly.

Anyway, Chuckyfresh decided to start up some blogging action. Bike oriented, I’m sure there will be plenty of useful knowledge shared over time about awesome rides, and awesome gear, etc.  Check it out…

http://singletracksouthwest.blogspot.com/  (he even has a nice name for the blog)

I’ve been spending all my free internet-reading hours keeping up on the latest drama(s) involving Specialized.  If you haven’t heard about the lawsuit against Volagi, here’s a brief introduction:

There’s fun stuff to be found over at Bike Rumor, Bike Snob NYC, and just about every other bike-centric blog out there. And I hear the Specialized Facebook page has been taking a pounding.  It seems maybe they’ve gone too far this time.

But, to play Devils advocate (and Spez just may be the Devil), yesterdays article on Bicycle Retailer makes Volagi’s position seem quite a bit more iffy.  And, as mentioned in the Bike Rumor interview, the Volagi guys had prototypes at Interbike just 6 months after quitting Specialized, so obviously they were putting some pretty serious work into the company long before they quite their day jobs.  Coming from somebody who has started a company while trying to keep his current job (i.e. opening a bike shop while working at a bike shop), those guys had to know they were gonna get some shit eventually. There’s just no way you can spend your time on the clock, at a notoriously hard-ass lawsuit happy company, putting together your own company that will go into competition with your current employer.

All that being said, I hope Specialized looses this one, because I just don’t like them.

This lawsuit was right on the heels of a letter that Mike Sinyard (owner of Specialized) sent out to everybody in the world, crying about Amazon selling bike stuff, or something like that.  Here is the letter, if you haven’t read it yet:

a link to that letter that the guy who owns Specialized wrote

Again, this has caused quite a bit of tongue flapping and jaw waving amongst the bike dork masses, but I think the best thing I have read so far is this:

a link to a random blog named CanooterValve, which is the guy from Speedgoat Cycles, and he lays down some knowledge

I just learned about this CanooterValve blog today, thanks to Mr.Ballsrhairy, and I am definitely going to be keeping up with it.

So, now you know all about what has been occupying my little bird brain.  I’m sure none of this would have even caught my attention if this was the spring or summer, and we had 2 weeks of repairs staring at us.

Come on by and say hi if you have a chance. If you haven’t seen them, our new work benches are finished and are looking mighty fine.  We are taking suggested donations for items that will be sunk into epoxy in our new bar top.  We are looking for anything bike related that is particularly cool. You know, stuff that will always be fun to look at down in the bar, “dude, I had one one of those!” conversation starting parts.  So if you have any stuff you think might fit the bill, bring it on by.

Thanks for reading…