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Hey Everybody, we will be closed on Wednesday, 12/26.  We will return to work on Thursday at 10am for normal hours.

Sram XX1 Crankset on Shimano 10spd Drivetrain

Oh dang. I went and got a new bike. Here is a lousy picture of it..

You may recognize it from the wall of our shop. It is the Giant XTC Composite (carpet fiber 29er) that we've had for about a year.  After hesitantly selling my Trance frame, I "needed" something to replace it and put to use all the good parts that were now lying around.

So, since the XTC wasn't selling, and I've never had a carpet fiber 29er hardtail with gears, this one became mine.

But the real story is the cranks.  If you look closely at the picture above you will see that my bike weighed 22lb 15oz, and that was with an XTR triple crankset, an XT front derailleur, and an XT front shifter.

In the next picture, you will see my same bike, in another bad photo...

In this photo the bike is built with Sram's brand spanky new XX1 single ring crankset, that uses voodoo to allow use of a 1x10 (or 1x9 or 1x11) drivetrain without using a chainguide up front.  (In case you never learned the hard way, you really couldn't get away with this previously, as the chain would inevitably come off the chainring.)

The other part of the story is the weight savings.  With an XT shifter, XT front derailleur, and XTR crank traded out for the XX1 crankset the bike lost exactly 1 pound. This was much more than I was anticipating.

The other other part of the story is that I did not use the entire XX1 group. With an XTR Shadow plus rear derailleur, and a KMC 10spd chain, this setup has worked flawlessly so far.  Now I have only ridden it a couple of times, but I would suspect that if this wasn't going to work well, I would have found out just a few minutes into the first ride.

So, that's an easy pound of weight savings for $285 (MSRP on the XX1 cranks). That's assuming that you don't mind loosing some gear ratio, and that you can get your hands on a set of these cranks (I hear bike shop rats have been buying them all up for themselves).   If you are already running a single ring setup with a chain guide of some sort, this is a sweet upgrade that can save some weight and eliminate your noisy, inefficient chain guide.

And lastly, in case you are wondering, the bike is a blast. Under 22 pounds with sealant (no pedals), it's almost enough to make me feel like I have some fitness because going up hills just got a lot easier than it has been in a while.

So there you have it, and incredibly dorked out post that may get a few very big bike nerds of a certain type excited, and will likely be absolute nonsense to most everybody else in the world. Thanks for reading!

2013 Trance X 29 Demo bikes have arrived!

We finally received our long awaited 2013 Giant Trance X 29 demo bikes! We originally had been waiting for the "1" model, which sells for a very reasonable $2775...

But those were taking a while to show up, and we noticed that the "0" version was available last week, and of course we are suckers for Shimano XT (including brakes and rotors!), and tubeless wheels / DT Swiss hubs.  So we switched our order, and our bad ass new $4250 demo bikes showed up this week.

As usual with Giant, the bike is better looking in person than on the website.  Lots of nice design details, as well as a cool paint scheme and some very good color matching.  The entire build kit is well thought out, you can't go wrong with a full XT group.  They choose the reasonable 24/36 tooth double chainring combination, the bike comes stock with their no-frills but tough as nails dropper post.  The hubs have DT Swiss internals, the rims are tubeless (it basically seems like a DT wheelset with Giant written on it) and the Schwalbe Nobby Nics are tubeless ready.  They even include valve stems, all you need to do is pull the tubes, slap on the valves, pour in some Stans and you are ready to go.

One nice design feature is the optional internal cable routing.  The bike is shipped with the front and rear brake cables routed internally, while the rear brake hose is routed using bolt on clips down the downtube. However, there is an internal routing option for the rear brake, as well as the dropper post cables.  Of course we had to use the internal options, and although it took some doing, it was worth the effort as the bike looks so clean and now the rear hose is well protected.   We threw some low profile rotor bolts into the bolt holes along the down tube that were no longer being used, but Giant includes little plastic plugs that serve that purpose.

Converted to tubeless with generous servings of Stans, and test ride pedals, our completely stock build medium demo bike weighs 28 lbs.  We think that's a pretty impressive weight for an aluminum 5" travel 29er with a dropper post.  (We have weighed the frame only, and it comes in just over 6lbs in a large.)

So far we have a small and a medium demo bike, and we should have a large arriving soon.  We currently are charging $60 a day for our demo bikes, with that money going towards any bike purchase that you make in the future.  As our demo fleet grows, we may be offering a multiple bike / multiple day demo package that will allow you to check out all the bikes we offer for a lower price. Stay tuned, and give a ring if you'd like to schedule a ride on the new Trance X 29 0!

Lastly, we are stocking these framesets in all sizes, incase you are particular on your build kit or already have all the parts you need.  The frameset sells for $1550, and comes with the top of the line Fox CTD with Kashima coating.  Also the framesets have a unique paintjob that isn't offered on any of the completes, so you will see far fewer bikes just like yours out on the trails.  Give us a call or shoot an email for a custom build quote (we are very competitive with our complete bike custom build pricing)!

I will leave you with a photo of my boy Julian, doing his best to test the gear we sell and ensure that it is up to snuff for you, our loyal customers. 

Thanks for reading!

5th Anniversary Party Recap

Our 5th Anniversary has come and gone.

We started the party by heading to our favorite cross race of the year, Night Cross.  Bikeworks had a good showing in the Mens Open race, with 4 or 5 guys in our jersey and a solid cheering section.

After the race we packed up quickly and headed down to Sister Bar downtown.  We proceeded to post up and take over most of the large tables in the bar.  We had quite a few friends come by during the course of the night, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Some hulas got hooped. 

Some bad dancing happened.

 Some thumbs were upped.

 This is what we call a happy drunk smile.

Based on the looks on everybody's face, we can only assume that Mike has just said something gross. 

The Parents Lucero were in attendance. 

This happened. 


Kristi, doing her best Pizza-model impression.

 Thanks to Josh for the Marble Imperial Red we enjoyed that night.

Jazz hands 

Thanks to everybody who joined us in celebrating. By all accounts the party was a complete success, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The number of people who joined us was flattering.  We have the most awesome customers, and can't wait to see where the next 5 years takes us.

Thanks again!

5th Anniversary Party!

On November 17, 2012 Bikeworks Albuquerque will be old enough to start Kindergarten (and mature enough as well)!!

To celebrate, we are throwing ourselves a party on Saturday night, November 17th.  The schedule of events is as follows:

4pm:   Shut down the shop early, drink one last beer and head out to Night Cross.

            Night Cross is always our favorite cross race of the year. It's a blast to race and to spectate.

5pm: Heckle, jeer, and cheer the ladies while they do their cross race.  

6:15pm:  Line up for the Men's open race. Proceed to suffer, regret our choice of lunch and drinking beer before a race, and finish near to last, but not care a bit because it was a great time.

7:15pm:  Finish race. Tell some lies about feats of strength and bike handling prowess.  Change out of the superhero suit and into some slightly less smelly clothes. Haul ass down to Sister Bar.

8:00pm:  Arrive at Sister Bar, and proceed to get our drink on.

          Located under the Anodyne downtown, Sister is a new bar owned by some friends of ours. They boast an impressive 43 beers on draught, and not just any 43 beers. You won't find any Coors, Bud, Michelobe, or anything like that on their draught list.  

These guys were gracious enough to let us come and crash some part of their bar on Saturday night, and even agreed to offering Bikeworks guest beer specials from our friends at New Belgium and Marble Brewery.  So when you get to the bar, find one of us, we'll give you the secret password to get in on the cheap drink deal.
Also, we plan on buying a mess of pizzas from NYPD, to help sop up the beer.  

And that's about it.  We want to race our bikes, and we want to get our drink on, all in the name of keeping our business open for 5 years.  We have made so many new friends since we opened.  We have so many awesome customers that we love hanging out with.  So hopefully a lot of you can make it, and we can all enjoy each others company outside of the shop for a change.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you there!

2013 Bikeworks Clothing Pre-Order

We are getting ready to place another custom clothing order for the Bikeworks shop jerseys and shorts you all have come to know and love.

We will be sticking with Canari for the manufacturer, as we have had great luck with them over the past 5 years.

We will be ordering short sleeve jerseys, long sleeve mid-weight jersey, shorts, bib-shorts, and wind jackets.  The jerseys and shorts will all be the exact same fit and materials as our last batch of clothing. We have never done jackets before.

They are going to look like this...

Except we will be removing the logos from the back of the jersey.  This batch we are going sponsor free.

So, if you are interested, we are taking orders.  We will place the order on Tuesday, November 27th.  If you don't pre-order, we can't promise you'll get anything when they show up, as we wont be ordering many extras.

Pricing for pre-orders is as follows:
Short Sleeve Jersey... $85
Long Sleeve Thermo Jersey ... $95
Shorts ... $90
Bib Shorts ... $100
Wind Jacket ... $90

That's it. You have a month to come in and order the best looking kit around. We can help you figure out sizing, etc.


Some Videos to watch

Red Bull Rampage happened recently, did you hear about it? Kurt Sorge won, atop a Giant Glory. Watch his winning run here...,15656/iceman2058,94

So, all you need to do is come in the shop, buy a Glory from us, and then you will be able to ride like that. Get it?

Dirty Mike came across this video about the Lance Armstrong saga going on right now.  It seems like a pretty good explanation of the history of the Armstrong doping story, as well as coverage of what has happened the past couple weeks. Find the video here...

And if anybody has any questions that aren't answered by the video, just come by and ask Swinton, because he has read every last word of the trial transcript, as well as every article written about the drama.

Okay, I was going to post more cool videos, but computers hate me, and I hate them, so now it's time to go.


We took a trip to Durango a couple weeks ago for an end of the summer vacation.
Basically all we did was ride bikes, eat, and sleep.  Pictures of us eating are gross, and the guys got creeped out when I took pictures of them sleeping, so here are pictures of us riding bikes...

Any of the above pictures that are particularly impressive were taken by Kip Malone, the Maloney Poney, photographer extraordinaire.

That is all.

I was going to talk about bikes...

I was going to write a post about bike races, and bike trips, and bike parts, but then I came across this video...(warning, naurghty language)

I can't follow a video that awesome.

You know who has been doing a good job of writing about bikes and bike racing? The Scalo Veloce team, who have been tearing it up at the cross races so far...

I (Lucero) attempted to race the first loop of the Manzanita Mountain Epic on Saturday, a part of the New Mexico Endurance Series...

I had an alarm clock mishap, missed the start, and intercepted the race at Tunnel, cutting out maybe 10 miles.  I was disappointed to miss the start, but at the end of the day I could still barely turn over the pedals.

Our cohort Marc Basiliere had two wrong turns, adding a few miles to the course, and still managed to be the winner of loop 1.

Top single speed finisher on loop 1 was our buddy Painter Paul, who absolutely crushed it.  Good work Paul, I'd say you're back in shape.

I'd like to thank Donnie Cole and Lenny Goodell for organizing the race.  And don't forget everybody, the Zuni 100 is on October 20th, and promises to be a good time.

That's all I got.

We are getting out of town! and Cyclocross is coming!

It's that time of year again, for all the bike nerds of America to make their annual pilgrimage to Vegas to attend Interbike.

However, since we are sick of Vegas, and Interbike, we're going to close up shop and actually go RIDE BIKES!  It's amazing, I know. Then we will spend the weeks after Interbike scouring all the bike-porn websites out there to see everything cool at the show that we need to know about.
So, to make a short story long....


The Bikeworks crew will be up in Durango for a long weekend of mountain biking, and some much needed time away from work after what has been a very busy (thanks!) summer.

In other news, the Albuquerque 'cross season is about to start.  This Tuesday you can find an informal, CX practice "ride" (it's not a race, and it doesn't cost money) at Pine Flats at 6:10pm.  You may find the Bikeworks crew there as well, or we may not make it, you never know.  Flyer is here...

And for the rest of the info on the formal cross race series in our area, check out the DASH website, here...

Well, that's about all I know. Thanks!

Scalo Veloce Bike Swap this Saturday

Hey, the good fellas with the Scalo Veloce racing team are having a bike swap this Saturday, September 8th on the patio of Scalo restaurant in Nob Hill.

$30 will get you a table (that you will attend yourself), and you get to keep all the money from your sales, simple as that.  Bikeworks will be there with all sorts of stuff and things that we don't want in the shop any longer and are willing to get rid of on the cheap.

In other news, have you noticed that cross season is coming? We have.  With 5 or 6 cross bike builds going on last week and now, its starting to look like a big race season this year.  Personally, I just hopped up my new Indy Fab Planet X with some Paul Mini Moto brakes, and suddenly I can't believe I ever rode with cantis.

In closing, if anybody asks, just go ahead and tell them that New Mexico is all desert and not to bother coming here.  That'll help keep our trails nice and free of traffic. Okay? Great, thanks.

Turner, Devinci, Liteville, oh my!

Big shop news of the week is that we are now officially the Turner dealer of Albuquerque.  Turner was looking for a dealer in town, and thought that we would be a good fit.  We have always liked Turner as a company, American built, well thought out mountain bikes for real world riding with great attention to detail.
We are starting off by getting a Sultan frame in to be used as a demo bike.  If you are not familiar with the Sultan, it is their 125mm travel 29er trail bike...

We are getting it with the Kashima rear shock, and a Fox 34 140mm Float on the front.  We are going to use some Easton Haven wheels we already have in the shop, and probably dig up an XT drivetrain or something else suitable for a demo bike.  It's going to be rad.  Of course I had to order it in Large, so it "just happens" to be my size.

We are excited to be bringing Turner into the shop, it is nice to offer an American made bike from a company with such a killer reputation.  I hope to bring in a 5 Spot soon to also add to the demo fleet, and of course their upcoming 650b wheeled Burner will be on order when it becomes available.
Turner Burner 650b Preview on

From our other new brand, we picked up a medium Devinci Atlas XP and have added it to our demo fleet. With 110mm of rear travel, adjustable BB height and headtube angle, and 16.9" chainstays (crazy short for a full sus 29er) this is one playful, flickable 29er.

Give us a shout if you would like to take it out for a ride.  Our demo program is $60 a day, and if you end up getting a bike from us the money goes toward your purchase.  This bike has already been out a few times, and we've had nothing but positive feedback.

In other badass trailbike news, I finally finished building Charlie's Liteville 301 today.  Whats that, you've never heard of Liteville?  Well, neither had I until Charlie came in and showed me their website, and then told me to get him one.  They are German engineering at its finest. These guys dork out on stuff that other companies simply ignore.  This bike has more cool little details built into it than just about anything I've worked on in a long time.  We have no idea if it rides as nice as we hope it does, but I've got a pretty good feeling about it.

I recommend reading through the furious dork out session on the link above.  At first glance the frame doesn't look a whole lot different, but it's all about the details.
Currently the 301 frame is being imported to the US in the hard ano black color (which is awesome), and if I'm not mistaken the 601 model may be coming to the US soon, and I'm guessing anything can be special ordered.  Come by the shop and check it out before Charlie takes it home.

Have you heard about the new Giant Trance 29er coming out?...

Of course you have, it's old news by now.  But it's exciting.  We will be receiving full 2013 Giant specs and pricing hopefully next week, and it is possible that the Trance 29 will be shipping in early August, or so I've been told.
Vital MTB has a good writeup on the bike, but before you click on the link below, I implore you not to get sucked into reading the comments below the article.  They surely will just make you stupider and will waste minutes out of your life that you won't get back.  What is it about armchair mountain bike "experts" and their amazing ability to be so irritating, and uninformed, and over opinionated?,125

Well, I've got some Olympic "soccer" to watch and a couple more beers in the fridge with my name on them (I write my name on all my beer. My kids are too young to read, but I figured it would be a good habit to get into before they are old enough to start trying to steal my beer.)  Thanks for reading!

More 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Pics

Thought I would share some more pics from last weekends 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest. It was such a good time, we are already scheming about next year!

Dr. Dave, post race, exhausted and in his happy place.

Charlie Fresh, after sleeping the sleep of kings in his rooftop box.

3/5 of team Beefcake Pantyhose, with a serious pre-race strategy meeting.

Game face!

Theo. I don't know what else to say.

Elliot, trying to make sexy pose, but too sleepy to get it done.