20 Nov Thanksgiving Hours and Anniversary Ride!

Firstly, we have decided to take some time off, so…

We will be closed Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Returning to work Monday November 28th at 10am like normal. 

Well, mostly like normal, but fatter.

With that out of the way..
the plan for our great big celebratory everybody is welcome 4th Anniversary Bikeworks Ride on Friday is to meet at Otero Canyon trailhead at noon.  We will play it by ear a little as far as route and duration goes, depending on who all shows up. But as I said before, everybody is invited, this doesn’t need to be a hammer fest, so if you are at all intrigued, please show up.
Basically, I’m thinking a couple-few hours around Otero Canyon, the new Gnast and Tio Juanito trails, Rambo, and maybe a little 3 Bottles and Turkey Trot depending on how ambitious we are feeling.  I will of course be open to suggestions as well.

And if the weather takes a nasty turn on Wednesday or Thursday, check in here or the facebooks as we may have to re-locate to the foothills, but I haven’t heard there is much weather expected.

In other news, for the first time ever we have our very own water bottles!

I know, it’s amazing! Like, what bike shop has their own water bottles, right! Anyhow, we only got 200, and we got them in 2 days ago, so there are only about 190 bottles left, so hurry on in while supplies last.  We are selling them for $5, because that what it seems like a bike bottle should cost.

Lastly, any spelling or grammatical errors are courtesy of Donovan, who so kindly gifted us with a new flavor of tequila yesterday…

The “Espolon” on the right is what he gave us. I’m enjoying it currently. It’s a tequila I haven’t had before, and it is quite tasty.
 The Don Julio 70th anniversary was a present from Charlie a couple weeks ago, and was fantastic as well.  And if you look closely in the background… ahh yes, that would be a bottle of “Dark Eyes” vodka, probably the most depressing liquor name ever.  The bottles are starting to pile up, it must be the holidays!

Happy turkey day everybody!  May your Thanksgiving pass in a haze of gluttony shared with loved ones.