08 Nov Fourth Anniversary Ride?

You may find this shocking, but on November 14th Bikeworks Albuquerque will have been in business for four years.  It doesn’t seem like 4 years could possibly go by so fast, but I know it’s been 4 years because the bottom of our socks say “Est. 2007”.  See, you were wondering back in 2008 why we were bragging about having been “established” for a whole year. But now, the genius of our design pays off. Score one for Bikeworks!

Anyway, we are thinking that a celebratory mountain biking ride with many people would be a pleasing way to celebrate our business being old enough to enroll in “Pre-K”.  And we are thinking that the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 25th would be a good day for  that.

I know some of you will be caught up in the events of what I believe is referred to as “Beige Friday”, but we choose not to participate in “Beige Friday”, and find it a great day to close the shop and goof off.
And besides, if you are a true “Beige Friday” follower, your shopping orgy will be finished by 3:15am, leaving you plenty of time to go home, unload your 3 washing machines and 700 inch flatscreen TV, shower (important because you spend the past 4 days camping out in front of Best Buy), and make it to our ride, which will probably start at about noon.

If Otero is not under mud/snow by then, I think that will be our ride location of choice. If that’s out, then I think a trans-foothills extravaganza will be the plan.  I would like as many people as possible to show up. I’m not thinking “sufferfest” or “epic” need to come into play here. 

Then I’m hoping many people will want to join us for a few (more) adult beverages at La Cumbre after the ride.  Or skip the ride and just meet us for beers. Or do the first 20 minutes of the ride, and go get the bar seats warmed up for us at La Cumbre. We won’t judge.

Soo, that’s about the extent of my idea.  Please feel free to offer any ideas that might make the day more awesome.  Such as a “leftover turkey” competition in which the person who rides with, and consumes, the most leftover turkey during the ride wins something fantastic.  Perhaps a beer prize? Perhaps a new bike? Or perhaps… more turkey?

Details will be laid out as they are figured out.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for all your amazing loyalty and devotion to the shop these past four years.  You’ve allowed a couple of hopeless bike junkies live the dream.