New Custom Clothing

Working on new Bikeworks clothing. Jersey is mostly the same, some extra logos, all logos now moved to the back.  We are also doing matching shorts this time.  We are also going to do a small number of long sleeve skin suits (aka pre-order only, non available in the shop), and possibly some heavier weight long sleeve jerseys for the winter.

Everything will be made by Canari, same as previous jerseys, which we have loved, as nice of clothing as I've ever owned.  We will be getting the "vector pro" options, which means their nicest chamois and compression fitting shorts and multi-material jersey with all the bells and whistles. Should be very nice gear. (The shorts have the same "king" chamois as the Canari shorts we have been selling in the shop the past couple of years.)

So, if you know you are going to be wanting some of these clothes, do me a favor and let us know asap.  I want to make sure and get enough, but these orders get crazy expensive in a hurry, and going into slow season I don't need to be sitting on a fortune of clothing.  In fact, if you come in and pre-pay with an order, I'll throw a healthy discount in for you.

The clothes will be arriving in around the end of December if all goes according to plan. Just in time to make up for not getting any cool presents for Christmas!

North Valley Bike Park PSA

Dont Forget! Grand opening Saturday Oct. 22nd at 11am!

Also, if you are inclined, today and tomorrow you can volunteer to help dig, sculpt, and prepare the park for the grand opening on Saturday.

2011 Giant Glory 00 Blowout!

We have 3 Giant Glory 00's in the store, and I want them to leave!

MSRP $5,700, Now $3,700!

We want these things gone! We have 2 Smalls, and 1 Medium Left.

Bike Details:

Bicycle Mechanics Class

People frequently ask us if we ever have a class for teaching bike mechanics.  We don't, but here is one that sounds promising...

Albuquerque, NM--Saturday, October 22, 2011, The Advanced Bicycle Mechanics class is offered by the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation. For folks who want to fix their own bicycles, the Advanced Bicycle Mechanics class covers everything from shifting systems, to bearings, to braking systems and much more. While material in this class is advanced, no previous knowledge of bicycle mechanics is necessary. The Cost is $20. Registration is required.

Contact: Julian Paul Butt

So there you go.   I don't know much about it, but I have met Julian before, and his energy, enthusiasm, and love for all things bicycle certainly cannot be questioned.  I'm guesing it'll be well worth the $20, unless you only have $20 to your name, in which case I may recommend heading to the store for some beans and rice.