30 Sep Props from Drunkcyclist

I don’t know how long Drunkcyclist has been around, but it’s been a while.  Both Danny and I have been reading the site for a long time now, I don’t think it’s been 10 years, but it probably isn’t much less than that. After all this time, we’ve never had any contact or interaction with Big Jonny, the curator of the site, but you read somebody’s blog for that long, and you start to feel like you know a person.

Anyway, a couple of days ago we got a call in the morning from a fellow mechanic in town.  “Who do I have to rub-off to get a shout out in Drunkcyclist?” was his question.  We checked out the site, and saw Jonny’s post for the day:


Big Jonny had found our site somehow, and got the impression that we are his kind of people (which I believe he is right about).  Anyway, we were jazzed by it, it definitely made my morning.  And of course, the helpful advertising, with a few hundred extra visits than normal to the site that day, is much appreciated.  Then a few people commented to say nice things about us.  Then other people commented a bunch about a bunch of unrelated stuff, which I couldn’t follow.  But nobody commented to say that we are actually a bunch of a-holes, which is a good thing.
So thanks Big Jonny. I hope you come to visit us if you find yourself in Albuquerque, and we will drink beer, and be bike nerds, and all that fun stuff.

In other news, our Cross season starts Sunday!

Link to the flyer

The race is at La Cueva High School, which is a course I haven’t race personally, but everybody has told me is fast and fun with lots of interesting features.
We strongly encourage anybody who is even remotely interested in trying out a cross race strongly to do so. The race style, and atmosphere are generally phenomenal, and perfect for an introduction to bike racing of any form. And if you already like racing bikes, then I have little doubt that you will enjoy cross very much.

Also, in other other news, Swinton and Dirty Mike, and whole bunch of other people too, are headed to Farmington this weekend to race the Road Apple Ralley on Saturday.  I am most excited about this because it marks Dirty Mike’s first bike race in something like 74 years.  I am sure for at least 50 of those years he said things like “blahhh,  I’m never racing my bike again” and I feel partly responsible for convincing him to get back out, so yay for that and stuff.

Okay, loveyoubye.