Go Ride Bikes!

Pajarito is going to be open this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, for riding. They didn't burn down! So head up there, and show them some love, I'm sure it's been a long summer for those guys and they would love to see some happy people enjoying the mountain.

Also, the next event in the Southwest Gravity Series is this Sunday in Silver City. Go check it out!


And of course, Angel Fire is running full steam, with dozens of new trails every freaking day, those guys are crazy up there, and the mountain has never been more fun.

So basically, all you gravity oriented riders have no excuses this weekend, and should be having fun somewhere.

And update on the Alameda Bike Park: it's being built as we speak, and things are looking awesome. The tentative official opening is October 22nd.  Check out the progress:

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  1. are you aware of intentions to put a pump track @ Los Altos park. i believe there is a public feed back meeting there on wednesday eve @ 6pm. just saying. JvH