16 Jul New Arrivals….

I build a nice new bike this week for our buddy Theo.

A Tomac Snyper 140, with Sram X0 drivetrain, Easton Haven wheels, stem and bars, and an X Fusion Vengeance Fork and X Fusion Hi-lo seatpost.

The bike came out pretty sweet. This was the first X Fusion fork we have sold. We’ve been hearing nothing but good, and my impressions so far are good. The fork feels great. I had to tear it apart to shorten the travel to fit this bike better. The internals all gave the impression of having very nice fit and finish to them. The basic fork configuration is essentially the same internally of a Fox, which is probably a good thing.  Interested  to see  how the fork ages, we may be selling some more of these in the near future.



We also got some new frames in the shop this week.  The long awaited Transition Banshee, the new 5″ cross country oriented offering from Transition that seems to be exactly the type of bike we prefer to ride.  It’s very impressive looking, can’t wait to get one built up and see how it rides.


The frame set goes for $1549 with the 2012 Fox RP23 rear shock. We also have a couple of 2012 Fox Float 140mm Fit RLC forks, tapered steerer tube and 15mm axle, forks to go with these frames.

So, uh, feel free to come in and buy one of these bikes.  Ok? Great, thanks.