It's so hot!

We are having an electrical issue today and the AC isn't working. It's getting hot in here. It's hot, stale air, and there's just a bunch of sweaty dudes standing around.  It smells like sweaty dude and tires and grease.
The thermostat says it's 92 degrees in here.
Anyhow, I should take this guys advice:

 I remembered this video when I was watching Cadel Evens kill it this morning.  We are stoked for him, he totally earned it.

The mountains are open again! Go and ride some Otero or Faulty this weekend, and remember why mountain biking in Albuquerque is so good.

New Arrivals....

I build a nice new bike this week for our buddy Theo.

A Tomac Snyper 140, with Sram X0 drivetrain, Easton Haven wheels, stem and bars, and an X Fusion Vengeance Fork and X Fusion Hi-lo seatpost.

The bike came out pretty sweet. This was the first X Fusion fork we have sold. We've been hearing nothing but good, and my impressions so far are good. The fork feels great. I had to tear it apart to shorten the travel to fit this bike better. The internals all gave the impression of having very nice fit and finish to them. The basic fork configuration is essentially the same internally of a Fox, which is probably a good thing.  Interested  to see  how the fork ages, we may be selling some more of these in the near future.

We also got some new frames in the shop this week.  The long awaited Transition Banshee, the new 5" cross country oriented offering from Transition that seems to be exactly the type of bike we prefer to ride.  It's very impressive looking, can't wait to get one built up and see how it rides.

The frame set goes for $1549 with the 2012 Fox RP23 rear shock. We also have a couple of 2012 Fox Float 140mm Fit RLC forks, tapered steerer tube and 15mm axle, forks to go with these frames.

So, uh, feel free to come in and buy one of these bikes.  Ok? Great, thanks.

We didn't have any fun in Durango.

It was just so ugly in Durango, we really couldn't enjoy ourselves.

We ended up with a surprisingly large group riding this weekend in Durango.  There were 12 guys riding the first day, and 11 the second.

On Saturday we shuttled up a long steep road  from the ski area to access the Colorado Trail.  We rode the Colorado Trail over to the  Engineer Mountain trail.  Ended up back on 550, with a short road ride back to the ski area and our condo.  It was a little over 20 miles.  It was a sweet day, amazing views, good old fashioned Colorado singletrack.

We saw a moose. It was a little surprising.

 There were views.

We saw some waterfalls.

The final descent of the day down Engineer mtn. trail was definitely a highlight, with all of us chasing Tony down the mountain, riding on the very edge of our abilities to keep the person in front of us in sight. We got back to the trail head and big goofy smiles for everybody.

A proper dinner at Steamworks, and we all waddled out to our cars, back to the condo for an early bed time.  Our shuttle Sunday morning was at 6:30 am, but we were being picked up below the Hermosa Creek trailhead, so we had to drive about 30 minutes from the condo.

We were shuttled by Hermosa Tours both days.  They were great, picking us up right on time, with room for 14 in the van.  I would recommend them if you are riding in Durango and are looking for some un-earned vertical help.

On Sunday we were driven up Kennebec pass.  We then rode/hiked the Highline Trail to get over to the Colorado trail.  The views were acceptable.

We took the Colorado Trail over to the Corral Draw, which was one of the most narrow, off-camber, intense descents I've ever done. That dumped us out onto Hermosa Creek. Then we had about 15 miles more riding back to the cars along Hermosa Creek.

The ride was about 40 miles total.  It was freaking beautiful.  I have a bunch of nice photos I was going to post up here, but blogger is not cooperating at the moment. So instead, here is a cool video with pics that Chris put together.

If anybody wants more details so they can do these same routes, come on by or get ahold of us. Charlie can definitely give you specific directions for both days, and I had a GPS for the first day.

Closed Saturday!

It's Hot! Our trails are closed!
We are going riding in Durango this weekend. We will be out of the shop on Saturday.  We recommend you get out of town as well
We will be back to work on Tuesday as normal, tired and happy and full of stories.