Summer bike park fun!

Angel Fire opened last weekend. They have been working hard on building new trails, a skills park, and all sorts of things up there. They have every intention of making that mountain a serious bike park destination.
Our buddy Long was up there last weekend, and as usual, he took some killer photos. Check it out:

This weekend is the Chile Challenge up in Angel Fire, where they will be racing XC, Dual Slalom, Super D, and Downhill.  It is always a fantastic race to go and watch, if you don't feel like racing yourself.  I recommend loading up a large backpack with as many cans of beer as you can carry, taking the lift to the top, and slowly hiking down to the bottom along the side of the DH course during the race. Of course, screaming your head off at every passing racer, and parking yourself at the gnarliest rockiest spots and causing a ruckus are a must.

Check out details and schedule of events here:

Or, you may want to got to Pajarito this weekend, for their opening weekend running the lifts and to partake in Summerfest, where there will be 16 New Mexican breweries with beer to share, as well as live music.  If I were able to go, I would probably plan on a morning of downhill riding the lifts, then spend the remainder of the day drinking and listening to music. Camp up at the ski area, and then spend sunday riding cross country to work through the hangover.  But I can't go, so somebody will have to do it for me.

Lastly, if you haven't heard, Sandia Ski Area has shocked us all, and has actually been doing some trail building up on their mountain.  I haven't been by myself yet, but I've been told that so far Golden Eagle trail has been worked on, with some berms added in, and some of the long flat sections taken out. Generally the trail will be faster and more funner than ever!  That may be the extend of the work for this season, but the story is that next season we will see some legitimate DH trails put in, which has the potential to be amazing. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

That's all I got. Hope everybody finds some time to have fun on bikes this weekend.  Be safe out there.

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