Closed Saturday June 18th

We will be closing to go race once again. This time is will be the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, New Mexico's only 24 hour mtb race.

I am expecting there to be fun times.

For all of you planing on going already, I would love to have as many of the Bikeworks regulars, friends and families all camping out next to each other if possible. I think that would make things more fun. I have no idea on how we would accomplish this though. We most likely won't be arriving til late-ish Friday night. Also, I wasn't there last year, and I have no idea of the camping situation/layout. But if anybody has super powers and can make that happen, go ahead and do that for me okay? Great, thanks.

I will be out racing on my brand new Lynskey Ridgeline SL, which I don't even have yet, but is scheduled to arrive Wednesday. I then plan on building it sometime on Wednesday while I give customers a ton of attitude for wanting their bikes worked on. I will then most likely not ride it once before heading out to the 24 hour race. I will show up so late at the race that I will definitely not pre-ride the course. I figure the odds of me flailing are pretty good. It's going to be stupid and really fun.

Hope everybody made it out to the mountains last weekend, because we have been told a few times now that Cibola forest will be closing this week. Oh I'm going to miss Otero for a while. I never even made it to anything around Sandia yet this summer. Bummer.

Hope to see some people out there this weekend! And if it's too smokey to race, we'll all just wear gas masks and drink our beer through straws.

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  1. Okay, so I heard your plea to allow the many Bikeworks regulars, friends and families all camp out next to each other if possible at 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest: A Race to SolveCFS. Me and my co-conspirator (Lenny)worked hard to make that happen, and I think we were successful. We met Dan Lucero's Dad and his wife (and their 3 very cute dogs) and they are great people! Thanks for coming out to the event and for writing such an entertaining report. You guys are all like family! - Claudia