Another Dawn til Dusk in the books

Well, another Dawn til Dusk has come and gone, and once again, the weather was pretty horrible.  For the record, that's 3 out of 3 for me personally on the bad weather score.  And once again, I remembered that I am a complete wimp when it comes to bad weather.  I'm a fair weather rider, and lucky for me, I can afford to be one, since I live in Albuquerque.

Anyway, our most impressive Bikeworks associated racer was Alex Leonard, taking 2nd place in the solo category, with 8 laps. He kept riding long after the weather turned to crap, and long after all his buddies were sitting around the pit, drinking beer, talking trash, and just watching him rack up lap after lap.  That took some serious conviction, and some serious fitness. Hell of a job Alex!

In related news to Alex being a total hardass these days, I'd like to remind everybody that there was a time, a few years ago when we first met Alex, that I was actually faster than him at a few races.  The saying goes "the older you get, the faster you were", but in my case the saying goes "the faster Alex gets, the faster I was."  So I'm all about his current trajectory of becoming some superfreak endurance badass, because in some way, he's dragging me with him.  Ha!

I believe Spangler and his teammate had a good race in the Duo category, but for the life of me, I can't figure out which team they are looking at the results.  I just can't guess what their team name was. Oh well, good job anyway Scott!

  We recently bought a trailer to pull to events like these. Once it was snowing sideways, and we had all long since given up on racing (except Alex that is), the trailer was a very nice thing to have.  Our new EZ up died when the winds came along. I believe that was our third EZ up to break in as many years. I think we are done with those now. Perhaps just an awning on the side of the trailer would withstand our abuses better.

And lastly, we are a sponser for the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde,  which takes place at the legendary Phil's World trails in Cortez Colorado.  Which means we will be racing as well, and Dan/Dan/Tony will have another chance to battle with each other in the Solo category. 
That also means we will be closed on Saturday May 7th.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Loved the web update, Alex's Mom

  2. This is brilliant writing and a fair description of a stellar athelete.
    - Alex's Auntie M