Tomac Supermatic Review

The new Tomac Supermatic looks like pure hotness.  Tomac just had a press camp at South Mountain, in Phoenix, showing off the Supermatic and the new 29er 5" travel Diplomat.
Pinkbike had a pretty sweet write up about the Supermatic, check it out:

 Some pretty cool info in there, such as the details about the rear shock tuning:
"an incredible 26 different shock tunes were tested, 2 different eye to eye lengths, and 16 different combinations. All told, 30 different shocks were fitted to the back end of prototype Supermatics before the production version that I rode on South Mountain was decided upon"

As well as some pretty sweet quotes from owner Joel Smith, about his company's place in the bike market:
"I think the small bike companies can remain relevant in today's market by focusing on small lines and doing a good job executing the final product. The big companies like Trek and Specialized always will have more resources, but it can be really difficult to execute a vision when you are dealing with so many people on one project, or if you have many projects you are working on yourself. A typical product manager can have up to 100 bikes he has to manage, and it's really tough to get all of the details right when the volume is so big. For Tomac, we intentionally have a really focused line of bikes, which allows us to spend a lot of time on each model. The Supermatic was a two year obsession, of which the last four months we just tested rear shock settings. We had no deadline for project completion, only the goal of producing a class winning 120mm travel bike, which I really feel the Supermatic is."

Tomac is being nice enough to send us a demo Supermatic for us to play with for a little while, which should be arriving soon. I am very excited to ride it. 

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