Holiday Hours

Dearest Everybody....


We will re-open Tuesday at 10am and resume normal hours.

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Transition Bikes Blowout! Wholesale Prices! Bandit, TR250, TR450, Trans Am, Double

We are no longer a dealer of Transition Bikes.  So we are going to sell off all our current Transition inventory at wholesale prices....

Trans Am hardtail frame, medium, MSRP: $549,  NOW $359 -- SOLD!

Bandit frame with RP23 Shock, size Large, MSRP: $1599, NOW $988 -- SOLD!

Double Frame, size Large, with RP2 shock, MSRP $1299, NOW $800

TR450 Frame, size Large, with DHX RC4 shock, MSRP $2399, NOW $1599! -- SOLD!

Double Frame, size Large, with RP23 shock, MSRP $1299, NOW $899!

TR250 Frame, size Medium, with DHX RC4 shock, MSRP $2399, NOW $1599! -- SOLD!

That's what we have!  We are happy to ship these out of state, just give us a call.


Some bike shop love...

Ritte Van Vlaanderen is a cool brand of bikes I've mentioned before. Maybe this spring when we have some cash flow a bike or two from them will show up in the shop.
In the meantime, they have a great blog post from time to time...

Giving a little love to the IBD (independent bike dealer).  Obviously, it was some stuff I could relate to.  Even though the cast of characters listed don't match our shop exactly.

Black Friday Ride...

Despite the lousy weather on Friday, we still managed to assemble a crew and get a good ride in.

I think we had 14 people show up to our re-located location of the South Foothills.  Unfortunately, we lost 2 almost immediately due to a bum knee and a bum foot.  However, both those individuals rallied and met us after at La Cumbre, which no doubt helped them to recover from their injuries.

We even had a Black Friday type super special giveaway of a fancy new Bikeworks water bottle for anybody that showed up and wanted one. And fortunately, despite the excitement of a once in a lifetime opportunity for a free Bikeworks water bottle, nobody got overly excited and pepper sprayed anybody else.

So we got on with our roundabout loops in the South Foothills, thoroughly enjoying ourselves through the sporadic weather.  Then a few went off to La Cumbre for a beer or three.

The beer was perfection, as always.  Also, I enjoyed a burger from the burger truck that is often found parked in front of La Cumbre.  If you haven't had one yet, I strongly encourage you to.  I can't remember the last time I ate a burger that delicious.

It was a good day.  Thanks to everybody that showed up to ride with us, and once again thanks to all our customers for keeping our store open for four years.

Lastly, it looks like we will be getting out for another night ride this Friday (Dec. 2nd) after work.  Call us later in the week if you would like to join, and we'll have exact time and place figured.

Ride moved!

We have moved the shop ride for today due to mud in the east mountains. We will be meeting at the Indian School trailhead. Still meeting at noon. Hope to see you there.

Thanksgiving Hours and Anniversary Ride!

Firstly, we have decided to take some time off, so...

We will be closed Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Returning to work Monday November 28th at 10am like normal. 

Well, mostly like normal, but fatter.

With that out of the way..
the plan for our great big celebratory everybody is welcome 4th Anniversary Bikeworks Ride on Friday is to meet at Otero Canyon trailhead at noon.  We will play it by ear a little as far as route and duration goes, depending on who all shows up. But as I said before, everybody is invited, this doesn't need to be a hammer fest, so if you are at all intrigued, please show up.
Basically, I'm thinking a couple-few hours around Otero Canyon, the new Gnast and Tio Juanito trails, Rambo, and maybe a little 3 Bottles and Turkey Trot depending on how ambitious we are feeling.  I will of course be open to suggestions as well.

And if the weather takes a nasty turn on Wednesday or Thursday, check in here or the facebooks as we may have to re-locate to the foothills, but I haven't heard there is much weather expected.

In other news, for the first time ever we have our very own water bottles!

I know, it's amazing! Like, what bike shop has their own water bottles, right! Anyhow, we only got 200, and we got them in 2 days ago, so there are only about 190 bottles left, so hurry on in while supplies last.  We are selling them for $5, because that what it seems like a bike bottle should cost.

Lastly, any spelling or grammatical errors are courtesy of Donovan, who so kindly gifted us with a new flavor of tequila yesterday...


The "Espolon" on the right is what he gave us. I'm enjoying it currently. It's a tequila I haven't had before, and it is quite tasty.
 The Don Julio 70th anniversary was a present from Charlie a couple weeks ago, and was fantastic as well.  And if you look closely in the background... ahh yes, that would be a bottle of "Dark Eyes" vodka, probably the most depressing liquor name ever.  The bottles are starting to pile up, it must be the holidays!

Happy turkey day everybody!  May your Thanksgiving pass in a haze of gluttony shared with loved ones. 

A good old fashioned bike shop wedding!

There are a lot of bike shops in Albuquerque. Some of them are pretty cool.  But of course, they aren't "I wanna get married in that shop" cool...

Booya! We had a wedding in our shop!
On Friday November 11th, shortly after closing time, Dan Morgan and Manda Lo exchanged vows, and became officially married for-realsies in Bikeworks!  There was a Marriage Certificate and everything!

Dan explained to us that our shop was the first place that he and Manda visited after moving to Albuquerque that they thought didn't totally suck, and maybe made them feel like they were going to be okay living here.  I take that as a pretty awesome compliment, because Dan and Manda are awesome people.  They moved here from Minneapolis, and are total bike nerds.  Minneapolis has an amazing bike culture/scene, as well as a ton of really cool shops. So if our shop makes them feel at home, I am again very complimented.

So, they were married by this guy:

and he was also awesome! He is an ordained minister of Dudeism.  You know, as in The Dude from The Big Lebowski. The vows were loving, thoughtful, and hilarious, and included yelling at each other about having a rashes on their asses so bad that they cant even sit down (I'm assuming you've seen the movie).  Then Dan and Manda exchanged giant candy rings. 

(pic of Dan, mid vow, shaking his hands angrily and yelling about the rash on his ass)

Then the marriage certificate was signed:

While the marriage certificate was being filled out, Mike chimed in and suggested that the location of the marriage should be listed as : Albuquerque (Bikeworks).  And that seemed like a good idea to everybody, and so it was.

Then we all celebrated with White Russians, and fun was had by all.
I poured beers for the merry wedding goers until the keg ran dry.

And I wasn't completely hammered when that pic was taken. I believe my eyes are just bloodshot from the tears of joy. Joy and beer and White Russians.

And people hung out and enjoyed themselves, and Mike climbed around taking pics that I think make the shop look really good:

And then Danny got upset that there wasn't any dancing. So he was all "screw it, I'll just dance with my bike!" And then Dan saw Danny dancing with his bike all lonely, and said "ah hell nah, there ain't going to be no lonely dancing at my wedding!" So he went over to Danny, and busted a move, and it was beautiful:
At least that's what I like to imagine is going on in this photo.

But due to our ill-preparedness, the keg did run dry after a short time, so the wedding moved along over to La Cumbre, where there was no worry of running out of beer. 

It was a great time, and we are so flattered that Dan and Manda wanted to get married in our shop.

So thank you Dan and Manda, it was an honor and a blast, and we wish you the best in your future life together.

Fourth Anniversary Ride?

You may find this shocking, but on November 14th Bikeworks Albuquerque will have been in business for four years.  It doesn't seem like 4 years could possibly go by so fast, but I know it's been 4 years because the bottom of our socks say "Est. 2007".  See, you were wondering back in 2008 why we were bragging about having been "established" for a whole year. But now, the genius of our design pays off. Score one for Bikeworks!

Anyway, we are thinking that a celebratory mountain biking ride with many people would be a pleasing way to celebrate our business being old enough to enroll in "Pre-K".  And we are thinking that the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 25th would be a good day for  that.

I know some of you will be caught up in the events of what I believe is referred to as "Beige Friday", but we choose not to participate in "Beige Friday", and find it a great day to close the shop and goof off.
And besides, if you are a true "Beige Friday" follower, your shopping orgy will be finished by 3:15am, leaving you plenty of time to go home, unload your 3 washing machines and 700 inch flatscreen TV, shower (important because you spend the past 4 days camping out in front of Best Buy), and make it to our ride, which will probably start at about noon.

If Otero is not under mud/snow by then, I think that will be our ride location of choice. If that's out, then I think a trans-foothills extravaganza will be the plan.  I would like as many people as possible to show up. I'm not thinking "sufferfest" or "epic" need to come into play here. 

Then I'm hoping many people will want to join us for a few (more) adult beverages at La Cumbre after the ride.  Or skip the ride and just meet us for beers. Or do the first 20 minutes of the ride, and go get the bar seats warmed up for us at La Cumbre. We won't judge.

Soo, that's about the extent of my idea.  Please feel free to offer any ideas that might make the day more awesome.  Such as a "leftover turkey" competition in which the person who rides with, and consumes, the most leftover turkey during the ride wins something fantastic.  Perhaps a beer prize? Perhaps a new bike? Or perhaps... more turkey?

Details will be laid out as they are figured out.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for all your amazing loyalty and devotion to the shop these past four years.  You've allowed a couple of hopeless bike junkies live the dream.

New Custom Clothing

Working on new Bikeworks clothing. Jersey is mostly the same, some extra logos, all logos now moved to the back.  We are also doing matching shorts this time.  We are also going to do a small number of long sleeve skin suits (aka pre-order only, non available in the shop), and possibly some heavier weight long sleeve jerseys for the winter.

Everything will be made by Canari, same as previous jerseys, which we have loved, as nice of clothing as I've ever owned.  We will be getting the "vector pro" options, which means their nicest chamois and compression fitting shorts and multi-material jersey with all the bells and whistles. Should be very nice gear. (The shorts have the same "king" chamois as the Canari shorts we have been selling in the shop the past couple of years.)

So, if you know you are going to be wanting some of these clothes, do me a favor and let us know asap.  I want to make sure and get enough, but these orders get crazy expensive in a hurry, and going into slow season I don't need to be sitting on a fortune of clothing.  In fact, if you come in and pre-pay with an order, I'll throw a healthy discount in for you.

The clothes will be arriving in around the end of December if all goes according to plan. Just in time to make up for not getting any cool presents for Christmas!

North Valley Bike Park PSA

Dont Forget! Grand opening Saturday Oct. 22nd at 11am!

Also, if you are inclined, today and tomorrow you can volunteer to help dig, sculpt, and prepare the park for the grand opening on Saturday.

2011 Giant Glory 00 Blowout!

We have 3 Giant Glory 00's in the store, and I want them to leave!

MSRP $5,700, Now $3,700!

We want these things gone! We have 2 Smalls, and 1 Medium Left.

Bike Details:

Bicycle Mechanics Class

People frequently ask us if we ever have a class for teaching bike mechanics.  We don't, but here is one that sounds promising...

Albuquerque, NM--Saturday, October 22, 2011, The Advanced Bicycle Mechanics class is offered by the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation. For folks who want to fix their own bicycles, the Advanced Bicycle Mechanics class covers everything from shifting systems, to bearings, to braking systems and much more. While material in this class is advanced, no previous knowledge of bicycle mechanics is necessary. The Cost is $20. Registration is required.

Contact: Julian Paul Butt

So there you go.   I don't know much about it, but I have met Julian before, and his energy, enthusiasm, and love for all things bicycle certainly cannot be questioned.  I'm guesing it'll be well worth the $20, unless you only have $20 to your name, in which case I may recommend heading to the store for some beans and rice.

Props from Drunkcyclist

I don't know how long Drunkcyclist has been around, but it's been a while.  Both Danny and I have been reading the site for a long time now, I don't think it's been 10 years, but it probably isn't much less than that. After all this time, we've never had any contact or interaction with Big Jonny, the curator of the site, but you read somebody's blog for that long, and you start to feel like you know a person.

Anyway, a couple of days ago we got a call in the morning from a fellow mechanic in town.  "Who do I have to rub-off to get a shout out in Drunkcyclist?" was his question.  We checked out the site, and saw Jonny's post for the day:

Big Jonny had found our site somehow, and got the impression that we are his kind of people (which I believe he is right about).  Anyway, we were jazzed by it, it definitely made my morning.  And of course, the helpful advertising, with a few hundred extra visits than normal to the site that day, is much appreciated.  Then a few people commented to say nice things about us.  Then other people commented a bunch about a bunch of unrelated stuff, which I couldn't follow.  But nobody commented to say that we are actually a bunch of a-holes, which is a good thing.
So thanks Big Jonny. I hope you come to visit us if you find yourself in Albuquerque, and we will drink beer, and be bike nerds, and all that fun stuff.

In other news, our Cross season starts Sunday!

Link to the flyer

The race is at La Cueva High School, which is a course I haven't race personally, but everybody has told me is fast and fun with lots of interesting features.
We strongly encourage anybody who is even remotely interested in trying out a cross race strongly to do so. The race style, and atmosphere are generally phenomenal, and perfect for an introduction to bike racing of any form. And if you already like racing bikes, then I have little doubt that you will enjoy cross very much.

Also, in other other news, Swinton and Dirty Mike, and whole bunch of other people too, are headed to Farmington this weekend to race the Road Apple Ralley on Saturday.  I am most excited about this because it marks Dirty Mike's first bike race in something like 74 years.  I am sure for at least 50 of those years he said things like "blahhh,  I'm never racing my bike again" and I feel partly responsible for convincing him to get back out, so yay for that and stuff.

Okay, loveyoubye.

My new old bike

I was gifted a 2004 Maverick ML7 recently, from a very generous man known as Balls-r-hairy (or Big-silly-hair, if you want to be PG). So I built it up with an XTR 8 spd groupo that I am currently in the process of stealing from Charlie. I also put some carbon DT Swiss XR1350 wheels on it, and an X-Fusion Velvet fork, so that I could try this new uber bargain fork for myself.

I rode the bike for the first time this morning on a little Tunnel-Otero loop. That bike goes uphill like nobody's business. It's amazing how well the original Maverick frame has aged. Not only does it still look great, and the shock works perfectly, and the pivots don't make a squeak, but the bike can hold its own against any suspension design that has come about in the past 8 years since it was built. I'm enthused. And 8 speed XTR with a rapid rise rear der. is just good old fashioned fun. A bunch of stuff I couldn't afford when it was new, is fun to have now to play with.
Oh yeah, the bike weighs under 26lbs with pedals, and tires, and stans in the tires, and a saddle, all those other parts that you need for riding a bike but are typically left out when weighing bikes.

Just came across this blog:

I've only spent a short time reading it, but I'm entertained. I found it from the Ritte Racing blog:

I think Ritte quite possibly had the best looking bike at Interbike this year:

Oh, whats that? They are currently opening dealers? Hmmmm....

We've been hooked on this video lately:

Un-freaking-real. I also dig the song, which is a band I hadn't heard of, probably because I haven't paid any attention to new music since about the day my first boy was born.

Danny and I are excited to go and terrorize the Day of the Tread century on October 16th on the tandem. It was fun last year, and I'm guessing it'll be fun again this year. You should check it out, if you're akin to the skinny tire type of bicycle riding.

Also, please, try to keep it real out there folks.

We're not working some more!

We will be closed this Saturday, September 10th. Swinton and Lucero will be in Red River for the Enchanted Circle Century. Tony will be attending a friends wedding.

Furthermore, we will be closed Wednesday and Thursday, the 14th and 15th of September, while in Las Vegas pretending to work at the Interbike tradeshow.


Not laboring for labor day...

Remember the other day when I said we were open on Mondays now?...
well, not this Monday. We will be closed  Monday September 5th just like everybody else.  I hope everybody finds time to ride a bike this holiday weekend.

Go Ride Bikes!

Pajarito is going to be open this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, for riding. They didn't burn down! So head up there, and show them some love, I'm sure it's been a long summer for those guys and they would love to see some happy people enjoying the mountain.

Also, the next event in the Southwest Gravity Series is this Sunday in Silver City. Go check it out!

And of course, Angel Fire is running full steam, with dozens of new trails every freaking day, those guys are crazy up there, and the mountain has never been more fun.

So basically, all you gravity oriented riders have no excuses this weekend, and should be having fun somewhere.

And update on the Alameda Bike Park: it's being built as we speak, and things are looking awesome. The tentative official opening is October 22nd.  Check out the progress:

Hey! We are open Mondays now!

Hey! We are open Mondays now!
So, you should come by on Monday, if it pleases you.

Say hello to Dirty

We here at the Bikeworks Albuquerque International World Headquarters of the World would like to announce our acquisition of Dirty Mike McNeese Enterprises. There was at least 10 minutes of intense negotiations, during which time beer was drank, and Bikeworks made an offer that "Dirty Mike" could not refuse, and managed to get him back into the bike shop after a several year sabbatical. Said offer included pay that would only be considered acceptable in the bike industry, huge amounts of free beer and tequila, and of course a work environment in which farting on your "bosses" is not only acceptable, but encouraged (it's no fun to fart on somebody if they are just going to stand there and take it every time).

When searching on the interwebs for a picture of Dirty Mike, I did not find any photos of Mike himself. I did find this though:

Which seemed good enough.

For those of you who don't know Dirty Mike, here is some info about him, based on what I know:
  • He has been working in bike shops for a long time
  • We all worked together once upon a time at Fat Tire
  • As far as I can tell, he can fart on command
  • Tony can also apparently fart on command
  • This usually leads to trouble
  • Most everybody knows him as Dirty Mike. We see this as a good thing
  • Mike is a crazy good mechanic. Meticulous and a true bike dork to the core. We are lucky to have him at our shop, and you, our customers and friends, will be lucky to have him fixing your broken bikes.
So next time you are in the shop, and there is a dude sharing my stand who isn't me, or Tony, or Swinton, then it's probably Mike. Say hi to Mike.

In related news, we now have the need for more workbenches. So we are in the process of getting new workbenches built. They are going to be workspace on one side, drinky-seating space on the other side, and will replace the class display cases that currently serve as a bar/workbench/buffet table/display of things. Our benches are being designed and built by Greg Joseph, of Joseph custom homes:

hyperlink to Greg Joseph's fancy pants website

Greg normally builds fancy pants houses for bazillionaires, but luckily for us he is also a mountain biker, and is occasionally willing to slum it on projects like ours since we keep his bike running (despite his best attempts to break it constantly).
I'm pretty sure our new setup is going to look something like this:

Best of all, Greg said that if we pay for materials, he was going to trade us his labor for a wheel true and a fork rebuild. Awww jeez Greg, that's amazingly generous of you. By the way, my new workspace will be just behind the grand piano, Danny will be next to the fireplace, and Mike's space isn't actually in this picture, he'll be through that door on the left in the formal dining room. We were going to include a space for Tony, but he won't get out of the pool in the backyard.

So that's all the news for now. Thanks to the forest re-opening things are in full swing again down at Bikeworks Albuquerque International World Headquarters of the World. Thanks to all our loyal customers for helping a few bike nerds live the dream.

It's so hot!

We are having an electrical issue today and the AC isn't working. It's getting hot in here. It's hot, stale air, and there's just a bunch of sweaty dudes standing around.  It smells like sweaty dude and tires and grease.
The thermostat says it's 92 degrees in here.
Anyhow, I should take this guys advice:

 I remembered this video when I was watching Cadel Evens kill it this morning.  We are stoked for him, he totally earned it.

The mountains are open again! Go and ride some Otero or Faulty this weekend, and remember why mountain biking in Albuquerque is so good.

New Arrivals....

I build a nice new bike this week for our buddy Theo.

A Tomac Snyper 140, with Sram X0 drivetrain, Easton Haven wheels, stem and bars, and an X Fusion Vengeance Fork and X Fusion Hi-lo seatpost.

The bike came out pretty sweet. This was the first X Fusion fork we have sold. We've been hearing nothing but good, and my impressions so far are good. The fork feels great. I had to tear it apart to shorten the travel to fit this bike better. The internals all gave the impression of having very nice fit and finish to them. The basic fork configuration is essentially the same internally of a Fox, which is probably a good thing.  Interested  to see  how the fork ages, we may be selling some more of these in the near future.

We also got some new frames in the shop this week.  The long awaited Transition Banshee, the new 5" cross country oriented offering from Transition that seems to be exactly the type of bike we prefer to ride.  It's very impressive looking, can't wait to get one built up and see how it rides.

The frame set goes for $1549 with the 2012 Fox RP23 rear shock. We also have a couple of 2012 Fox Float 140mm Fit RLC forks, tapered steerer tube and 15mm axle, forks to go with these frames.

So, uh, feel free to come in and buy one of these bikes.  Ok? Great, thanks.

We didn't have any fun in Durango.

It was just so ugly in Durango, we really couldn't enjoy ourselves.

We ended up with a surprisingly large group riding this weekend in Durango.  There were 12 guys riding the first day, and 11 the second.

On Saturday we shuttled up a long steep road  from the ski area to access the Colorado Trail.  We rode the Colorado Trail over to the  Engineer Mountain trail.  Ended up back on 550, with a short road ride back to the ski area and our condo.  It was a little over 20 miles.  It was a sweet day, amazing views, good old fashioned Colorado singletrack.

We saw a moose. It was a little surprising.

 There were views.

We saw some waterfalls.

The final descent of the day down Engineer mtn. trail was definitely a highlight, with all of us chasing Tony down the mountain, riding on the very edge of our abilities to keep the person in front of us in sight. We got back to the trail head and big goofy smiles for everybody.

A proper dinner at Steamworks, and we all waddled out to our cars, back to the condo for an early bed time.  Our shuttle Sunday morning was at 6:30 am, but we were being picked up below the Hermosa Creek trailhead, so we had to drive about 30 minutes from the condo.

We were shuttled by Hermosa Tours both days.  They were great, picking us up right on time, with room for 14 in the van.  I would recommend them if you are riding in Durango and are looking for some un-earned vertical help.

On Sunday we were driven up Kennebec pass.  We then rode/hiked the Highline Trail to get over to the Colorado trail.  The views were acceptable.

We took the Colorado Trail over to the Corral Draw, which was one of the most narrow, off-camber, intense descents I've ever done. That dumped us out onto Hermosa Creek. Then we had about 15 miles more riding back to the cars along Hermosa Creek.

The ride was about 40 miles total.  It was freaking beautiful.  I have a bunch of nice photos I was going to post up here, but blogger is not cooperating at the moment. So instead, here is a cool video with pics that Chris put together.

If anybody wants more details so they can do these same routes, come on by or get ahold of us. Charlie can definitely give you specific directions for both days, and I had a GPS for the first day.

Closed Saturday!

It's Hot! Our trails are closed!
We are going riding in Durango this weekend. We will be out of the shop on Saturday.  We recommend you get out of town as well
We will be back to work on Tuesday as normal, tired and happy and full of stories.

Race report: 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

Our first time out to the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest was a success! We didn't successfully win anything, we ended up 4th place out of 5 teams in the 4 person singlespeed category. But we did successfully enjoy ourselves the whole time, and that was our only goal anyway.

We rolled in late, having closed the shop at 6pm like normal. Luckily, the trailer was already there waiting for us, thanks to Tony (not our Tony, another Tony), and beer was waiting for us thanks to Rick, who was rolling deep with 2 pony kegs. So we threw some tents down and got to business, race prepping for the next day:

In my hungover state the next morning, I volunteered for the first lap. This was a bad idea, as the course was extremely dry, and the tight traffic for the whole first lap meant I ate huge amounts of dust, which I think effected my breathing for the whole rest of the race. In fact, I'm still blowing sandy boogers out my nose all the time.  It's lovely.
I should have tried to be more like our boy Alex, who finished the first lap in 2nd place overall. I'm guessing he didn't eat much dust.
I also decided that I should do the first lap dressed as Grover.  I wore the Grover suit at Mesa Verde, but that race started at 7am. This time I was out at noon, and it was definitely a little hot. Still, riding through camp and lining up at the start (obviously I pushed my way near the front), all the parents were pointing me out to their kids, lots of smiling faces, it was worth the sweat.  The headwind I could have done without though. That thing was like a freaking sail.
I don't have any pics of myself in the Grover suit, but if anybody reading this does, please send them my way via the shops email and I'll get them shared.

At one point, I finished my lap to find Danny eating a bowl of something or rather doing his best Monkey impression:

He is a special kind of special, that one.

 We were camping next to the Leonard family, and Alex, his brother Elliot, their Dad Andy, and our friend Rick were on a 4 man team together (Clown College was the team name, if you are looking through results).  Elliot was only willing to race under the condition that he would do one of his laps on a unicycle.  Here he is, suiting up for the Uni-lap, in his super suit:

His lap time was something like 2 hours. Average lap times for the course were typically about an hour and a half. Most people can't ride a unicycle period. So I'm gonna go ahead and say that was pretty studly.  Also, he rode a unicycle frame and hub that he built himself. And it was nice looking stuff. 29" wheel. It was cool.

Here is a pic of Charlie, heading out for a lap. But first he asked Matt how his butt was looking.  Matt said it was looking kind of big, and that Charlie wasn't really his type anyways, and that THIS IS A FREAKING RACE AND YOU ARE RUINING IT FOR EVERYBODY!

I'm just kidding, none of that actually happened.  I don't believe Matt has ever yelled at anybody.

Here is a pic of Danny trying to blow himself up with our new tabletop grill that we assembled 3/4 of the way into the race.  We initially attempted to assemble it without using the instructions (my idea) but gave up eventually when fear of being blown up settled in.

The race was a blast. The course was extremely fun, I was still enjoying it on my fifth lap out (which is one more lap than the rest of my teammates did, by the way).  We raced hard but did a good job of never taking it seriously enough to not have fun (i.e. plenty of beer was drank in between laps). 
The whole race was very well organized with plenty of fun perks, like free beer, free wine, free massages, free yoga class toward the end, free coffee all night and morning.  The lap timing seemed to go flawlessly (at least as far as I could tell), and awards were up and running just a few minutes past noon, which is very impressive to all of us who have stood around for hours after a race waiting to see final results posted.
Those gals really know how to take care of their racers!  We will certainly continue to attend and support all races put on by Zia Rides.

I didn't stick around for awards though. We weren't on the podium, and I was super anxious to get home after 2 days of not seeing these little guys:

They are so cute it melts my brain.  Oh yeah, I was missing my wife too.

Lastly, I want to give props to my old man and his team, "Real Men of Genius" who won the 5 man category.  He's like 90 years old, and was putting in lap times to keep up with the youngsters, and got to stand on the top of the podium. Hell of a job Dad!

Thanks for reading!

Closed Saturday June 18th

We will be closing to go race once again. This time is will be the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, New Mexico's only 24 hour mtb race.

I am expecting there to be fun times.

For all of you planing on going already, I would love to have as many of the Bikeworks regulars, friends and families all camping out next to each other if possible. I think that would make things more fun. I have no idea on how we would accomplish this though. We most likely won't be arriving til late-ish Friday night. Also, I wasn't there last year, and I have no idea of the camping situation/layout. But if anybody has super powers and can make that happen, go ahead and do that for me okay? Great, thanks.

I will be out racing on my brand new Lynskey Ridgeline SL, which I don't even have yet, but is scheduled to arrive Wednesday. I then plan on building it sometime on Wednesday while I give customers a ton of attitude for wanting their bikes worked on. I will then most likely not ride it once before heading out to the 24 hour race. I will show up so late at the race that I will definitely not pre-ride the course. I figure the odds of me flailing are pretty good. It's going to be stupid and really fun.

Hope everybody made it out to the mountains last weekend, because we have been told a few times now that Cibola forest will be closing this week. Oh I'm going to miss Otero for a while. I never even made it to anything around Sandia yet this summer. Bummer.

Hope to see some people out there this weekend! And if it's too smokey to race, we'll all just wear gas masks and drink our beer through straws.

Summer bike park fun!

Angel Fire opened last weekend. They have been working hard on building new trails, a skills park, and all sorts of things up there. They have every intention of making that mountain a serious bike park destination.
Our buddy Long was up there last weekend, and as usual, he took some killer photos. Check it out:

This weekend is the Chile Challenge up in Angel Fire, where they will be racing XC, Dual Slalom, Super D, and Downhill.  It is always a fantastic race to go and watch, if you don't feel like racing yourself.  I recommend loading up a large backpack with as many cans of beer as you can carry, taking the lift to the top, and slowly hiking down to the bottom along the side of the DH course during the race. Of course, screaming your head off at every passing racer, and parking yourself at the gnarliest rockiest spots and causing a ruckus are a must.

Check out details and schedule of events here:

Or, you may want to got to Pajarito this weekend, for their opening weekend running the lifts and to partake in Summerfest, where there will be 16 New Mexican breweries with beer to share, as well as live music.  If I were able to go, I would probably plan on a morning of downhill riding the lifts, then spend the remainder of the day drinking and listening to music. Camp up at the ski area, and then spend sunday riding cross country to work through the hangover.  But I can't go, so somebody will have to do it for me.

Lastly, if you haven't heard, Sandia Ski Area has shocked us all, and has actually been doing some trail building up on their mountain.  I haven't been by myself yet, but I've been told that so far Golden Eagle trail has been worked on, with some berms added in, and some of the long flat sections taken out. Generally the trail will be faster and more funner than ever!  That may be the extend of the work for this season, but the story is that next season we will see some legitimate DH trails put in, which has the potential to be amazing. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

That's all I got. Hope everybody finds some time to have fun on bikes this weekend.  Be safe out there.

Matt Trujillo, we will miss you.

Our friend Matt Trujillo died tonight. He spent the last week and a half in a coma, fighting for his life, after being hit by a car while riding his bike.
I don't really know what else to say. It's tragic, and horrible. The accident was the result of a young woman running a red light. This should never have happened, Matt should be here with us now, stoked to be riding his brand new mountain bike this weekend. Instead, his frame sits there on the wall, never built, and his family and loved ones are left heart broken, most likely suffering through the worst night of their lives.
This really sucks.
Please be careful out there everybody, when you are driving and when you are riding.  Just a brief moment of distraction and it can all go so horribly wrong so quickly.
We'll miss you Matt.

12 Hours of Mesa Verde is Fun!

We had a good time.

Follow the links for some fun pics. And that is a Grover costume, not Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster is fat. Grover was also originally Super Grover, but as anybody who has watched The Incredibles knows, capes are deadly, so he was downgraded to regular Grover.

Just saw this video courtesy of All Hail the Black Market, and it made me laugh:

And a couple of days ago, a customer brought the following video to our attention, which really gets me for some reason, but I warn that it has the naughty language, so tell your kids "earmuffs".

Closed Saturday!

We will be closing again this Saturday!
 We are going to race the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde in Cortez Colorado. It's going to be fun, we are excited.
Thanks for your patience with our occasionally erratic hours.
We will return with tales of glory and woe on Tuesday at 10am.

Another Dawn til Dusk in the books

Well, another Dawn til Dusk has come and gone, and once again, the weather was pretty horrible.  For the record, that's 3 out of 3 for me personally on the bad weather score.  And once again, I remembered that I am a complete wimp when it comes to bad weather.  I'm a fair weather rider, and lucky for me, I can afford to be one, since I live in Albuquerque.

Anyway, our most impressive Bikeworks associated racer was Alex Leonard, taking 2nd place in the solo category, with 8 laps. He kept riding long after the weather turned to crap, and long after all his buddies were sitting around the pit, drinking beer, talking trash, and just watching him rack up lap after lap.  That took some serious conviction, and some serious fitness. Hell of a job Alex!

In related news to Alex being a total hardass these days, I'd like to remind everybody that there was a time, a few years ago when we first met Alex, that I was actually faster than him at a few races.  The saying goes "the older you get, the faster you were", but in my case the saying goes "the faster Alex gets, the faster I was."  So I'm all about his current trajectory of becoming some superfreak endurance badass, because in some way, he's dragging me with him.  Ha!

I believe Spangler and his teammate had a good race in the Duo category, but for the life of me, I can't figure out which team they are looking at the results.  I just can't guess what their team name was. Oh well, good job anyway Scott!

  We recently bought a trailer to pull to events like these. Once it was snowing sideways, and we had all long since given up on racing (except Alex that is), the trailer was a very nice thing to have.  Our new EZ up died when the winds came along. I believe that was our third EZ up to break in as many years. I think we are done with those now. Perhaps just an awning on the side of the trailer would withstand our abuses better.

And lastly, we are a sponser for the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde,  which takes place at the legendary Phil's World trails in Cortez Colorado.  Which means we will be racing as well, and Dan/Dan/Tony will have another chance to battle with each other in the Solo category. 
That also means we will be closed on Saturday May 7th.

Thanks for reading.