Bikeworks Black Friday Non-Sale Event!

We've never been open on Black Friday before (the Friday after Thanksgiving), but we've got plans for this year!

So, meet up in the foothills, top of Montgomery Embudito,  for a morning group mtb ride, 9am.  We'll do a mellow turkey burner ride.

Then, back to the shop to open at noon.  Everybody come on by, bring leftovers, a chair, and of course the beverage of your choice (as long as it's not Fat Tire, Blue Moon or Corona, yeah we're picky bastards).  We are going to have a leftover potluck, watch bike movies of all sorts, drink plenty of beer, and generally try to work as little as possible. 

That's our idea.  So while everybody else is battling to the death for $12 laptops and $18 washing machines, come hide out with us, eat, drink, watch movies, and talk some trash. 

Awesome, hope to see you all here!

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