Bikeworks Socks! Lobo Bottles! 2010 Sale!

We got some new Bikeworks ABQ socks in the shop last week.  Here are some pics of me modeling them, for your viewing pleasure:

I know what you are thinking, and you are right, I am too sexy for my socks.

We also are selling bottles to help the Lobo Cycling team:
They are Specialized bottles (which are the best), and they are good looking, and they support your local collegiate cycling team, and they are $8.99.

And lastly, I've put some sale stickers on our 2010 bikes that we have still.  20% Off, we have a couple of Giant Trance X1's (med and large) a Giant Trance X2 (large) and a couple of Giant Seek 2's.

Yesterday Giant shipped us 13 bikes off our 2011 order, including a couple of Cross Bikes, the TCX 1, just in time for cross season, as well as some Glory 0's and Glory 1's, which are always fun to have.

We also have a 2011 Trance X2 in the shop, which I built up yesterday.  With Shimano 10 speed drivetrain, a new tapered steerer fork, and extremely color coordinated, it is a very nice looking bike.

That's all. Hopefully it'll be less than a month before next post.

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