Lynskey Sportive on the way!

Just got this pic emailed from Lynskey:

It is their new Sportive model, built up with Sram Apex.  This is the bike we are getting. Normally they send us frames and build kits, but they asked me if they could build this one and take pics of it for their website before we got it.  So the one on their website will be the one in our shop.

The Sportive is a really cool new model, check it out:

I highly recommend buying it.

Bikeworks South Boundary Adventure


We had a crew of 7 head up for a South Boundary adventure on Sunday. Parked at the bottom, and shuttled ourself up to the Palo Flascado pass, to do Elliot Barker portion of the ride.

It helps to have a big truck every so often.

Unfortunately, we weren't 10 miles in to the ride when Scott "got all Scott" on his wheel, and broke it in a very unfixable way:

Thats Marc and I making a valiant attempt to re-hab a blown up freehub body, but it was to no avail.  Pedaling the bike was useless, as it would just freewheel forward.

So, rather than doing the logical thing and turning back, hiking for maybe an hour and spending the next 4 hours waiting in the truck for us to return, Scott decided to "harden the f*ck up" and just finish the ride anyway:

We took turns helping him push the bike up hills, we towed and pushed each other along the flat sections, and then on the descents, Scott would hop back on his ride and proceed to school us as usual.

The leaves were changing, and the views were fantastic.  

Danny was looking lovely in the most worn out, stretched out, gnarly pair of shorts I've seen in a while:

And Charlie was looking lovely because he is Charlie, and is always looking lovely:

It was so much fun.

I have a GPX file for the ride, if you are interested in going and checking it out.  I don't think the route we took is the most common one, but according to my sources, it is the best way to go.

Lynskey ProCross! Fork Sale! Giro Helmets 30% Off!

Dang. We just got a Medium Lynskey ProCross frame in the shop!

In case you aren't familiar, the ProCross is wicked awesome. I highly recommend that you come and buy it.  It will make you fast, good looking, witty, it's amazing what this bike will do for you.

Also, we have a pretty large collection of forks on the wall,

We have Fox 40's, new and lightly used, a 2010 Rock Shox Revelation U-Turn Air 20mm Maxle, a 2011 Boxxer Race with custom Giant colors, a Fox 831, a Marzocchi Bomber 44 ATA Micro 15mm thru axle,  and a couple of used Marzocchi 888's.  For you? Very good price!  Come in and talk if you need something to connect your front wheel to your frame that goes boingy boingy, deals will be made.

And, lastly for today, we just got a mountain of 2011 Giro helmets in today, so all our 2010 models are 30% off:

We have about 10 helmets left, random selection, come in and check them out.

If these pictures seem unusually crappy, it's because Swinton bought us a $40 camera, and surprise surprise, it's lousy.  You see, it's the camera's fault that he looks like an angry orangutan.

Bikeworks Socks! Lobo Bottles! 2010 Sale!

We got some new Bikeworks ABQ socks in the shop last week.  Here are some pics of me modeling them, for your viewing pleasure:

I know what you are thinking, and you are right, I am too sexy for my socks.

We also are selling bottles to help the Lobo Cycling team:
They are Specialized bottles (which are the best), and they are good looking, and they support your local collegiate cycling team, and they are $8.99.

And lastly, I've put some sale stickers on our 2010 bikes that we have still.  20% Off, we have a couple of Giant Trance X1's (med and large) a Giant Trance X2 (large) and a couple of Giant Seek 2's.

Yesterday Giant shipped us 13 bikes off our 2011 order, including a couple of Cross Bikes, the TCX 1, just in time for cross season, as well as some Glory 0's and Glory 1's, which are always fun to have.

We also have a 2011 Trance X2 in the shop, which I built up yesterday.  With Shimano 10 speed drivetrain, a new tapered steerer fork, and extremely color coordinated, it is a very nice looking bike.

That's all. Hopefully it'll be less than a month before next post.