18 Aug Just Some Stuff

Dan has been tired lately so I thought I’d write a blog for him. I hope everyone remembers to get there bikes in tip top shape for the Fall. I believe it is going to be the best one for riding in years, with great colors and a full Indian Summer. I would like to remind reader of the last Time Trial event out in Bernalillo this Saturday. I was coaxed by the Dans to go out last Sat. and it was a lot of fun- the hard work is over quickly. Plenty of people are riding it with their plain old road bikes too.

In other news, the new Giant 29er Full Suspension is starting to ship to dealers and we are putting together our order. If you want one, give us a shout (and a deposit). This bike will go quickly and its doubtful they will have extras at the warehouse for awhile.

I would like to give a shout out to Dr. Bernstein, who just completed the Leadville 100 bike race. He buckled-down, trained hard, and with Bikeworks help, had no mechanical breakdowns the whole time. I told him I would do it with him next year, but I was into my second Double IPA from Marble Brewing at that point so that was probably a lie.

The photo is a picture of some of us on the trails on the back of our beloved  Sandia Mountains. I think he just dabbed.