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Race results from the weekend:

At the National Champs races this past weekend in Sol Vista, CO. Bikeworks had a large contingent of team members racing.
Pictured above are Jake, Tone, and Sean (left to right).  Jake finished 2nd in Cat 2 4X, Tone finished 5th in Cat 2 DH (25-29), and Sean finished 1st in Cat 2 4X and 5th in Cat 2 DH (19-25).  Looking good fellas.

Furthermore, Bikeworks racer Matson Hunter is the Cat 1 4X National Champ, taking 1st in the 19-25 age group.  The boy will be pro soon.

Locally, Bikeworks racer Alex Leonard took 2nd Place in Cat1 19-29 at the Sandia Crest race.  3rd place overall in Cat 1.

In other racing news, Bikeworks is the new sponsor for the UNM Lobos cycling team.  We are excited about it, and they are excited about it. So everybody is excited, and that is good.  

Speaking of UNM, there is a new race this year that the UNM Cycling team is putting together.  It is the "Back to School Special", taking place on August 28th and 29th.  There will be a XC race on the 28th around Oak Flats, and a DH race on the 29th going off from Cedro Peak.
For more info, call or come by the shop. We have flyers with all the info, but I'm not sure those details are up on the Interweb anywhere yet.

And if anybody from the Bikeworks crew was out racing, and I've left you out, send me a note and let me know.

Soccer and Cycling, yesterday was fun.

I got to watch the World Cup final, watch the days Tour stage, and go for a ride yesterday. It was a pretty good day.

Of course most people know that the World Cup game was a bit of a stinker, but at least Spain won in the end.  However, yesterday's stage of the Tour de France was phenomenal.  Had there not been a sleeping baby on the couch, I would have been yelling at the TV.

Is everybody thoroughly sick of Versus coverage yet?  It seems like the first showing of the day is decent, and then every replay from there on out gets progressively worse, until prime time when you get Bobke blabbing about stuff unrelated to the race, 50% commercials, and all sorts of "special interest" crap that are really elaborate advertisements.
So my suggestion: go to  and sign up as a member, and download your tour coverage.  Yesterday there was the coverage from ITV4, a Britsh channel I believe, with the commercials removed. It was fantastic.
Also, if you are wanting to watch the live coverage in the morning, plenty of streaming options are available. I would suggest to find a nice video stream.

In shop news, I'm working on getting some new socks made, ones that will match our jerseys nicely.  What does everybody think about sock height? I personally have been liking my socks pretty tall lately, but I would hate to buy a bunch of tall socks and then hear everybody ask for shorter ones.

Awesome, bye.