30 Jun Pajarito Video, Commencal Supreme DH Prototype

Our buddy Larry put this video together of the Pajarito Punishment DH race that went down a few weeks ago:

Pajarito Punishment DH 2010 from lawrence atencio on Vimeo.

And our buddy Chris, who never misses anything cool and bike related that pops up on the interweb, gave us a heads up about Commencal’s new Supreme DH pics that Dirt had pics of:


First thing I thought of when I saw the new design was my old German freeride bike, Der Fusion Whiplash, that I aquired whilst at Manitou (they aren’t imported into the U.S.)  Shock placement, rocker placment, and shock mounted to the chainstays are all similar:


Although it’s all about the details, and I’m sure the Commencal is going to have the details all worked out.

Love you, bye.