23 Jun New Customer Appreciation Policy

Here at Bikeworks we love our customers.  In order to show our customers how much we appreciate them, we are implementing a new policy as of tomorrow.

Bikeworks ABQ Customer Appreciation Policy:
   When you leave our store, at least one owner of Bikeworks ABQ will say / yell “Thanks for coming by, Love you!” on your way out.  It will be our way of letting you know that we indeed love you, our customer.
   If you manage to leave Bikeworks without receiving a hearty “love you!” from Dan and/or Dan and/or Tony (and/or sometimes Charlie, maybe), upon your next visit you will be entitled to a “wicked high-five” and a Free Beer! (Must be of legal drinking age.  Under-age customers who do not receive a hearty “love you” upon departure will be entitled to two “wicked high fives,” or one “up high – down low while walking past each other high five” a-la Top Gun.)

We began experimenting with the new policy in the store today, and for the most part had very positive results.  We received at least one “love you” in return,  a “good to know”, a few silent responses, but no angry responses or threats to cause bodily harm to us.

We are currently considering expanding this policy to include phone calls as well.  For example, when leaving a message about a bike repair, you would get something such as:

Hey this is Dan from Bikeworks. Just calling to let you know we got your bike all tuned up and everything looked good.  You can come pick it up whenever is convenient, we are open ten to six Tuesday thru Saturday and our number is eight eight four oh three four one if you have any questions Love you bye.

Obviously this is something we are doing for you, the customer, and therefore we are very interested in hearing what you think about our new policy.  Please feel free to comment directly on this site, or email us if you feel you have more to say than what will fit in a comment, or call us if you feel that typing out everything that you have to say will take forever and it would be best if you just told us on the phone.

Thanks for reading.
Love you bye.