11 Jun Just Kidding! We Are Open Tomorrow!

We Lied!
We will be open tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, for normal hours.
Danny became unexpectedly ill on Tuesday night, was out of work for Wednesday and Thursday, but is back and better than ever today.
However, he has no intention of racing Saturday, so we are going to work instead (yaaayyy).

So, come on by. We’ll be trying to play catchup on repairs from the week, watching some Soccer, and sipping on the keg of Marble IPA that I tapped 5 minutes ago.

Also, Tony will be up at Pajarito for the Punishment, so if you want to watch some Downhill racing, or volunteer to help with the race, or help him drink the keg of IPA that Marble donated, go check it out.  It will also likely be much cooler up there than here in the ‘Burque.

Thanks for everybody’s patience this week, it’s been a crazy week for us, we’ve been a little behind on repairs and what not, but it’s all coming together.