Transition Covert Demo, Tomac Flint 29er, and a pretty Commencal

We've got some new toys in the shop (as usual).

First, a Transition Covert built up for our Demo fleet (size large).  This is a very cool bike, been getting some good press lately.  Now that we have one in the shop, we are wondering why we didn't get one long ago (beside from the fact that they are frequently sold out, Transitions #1 selling bike it turns out).

So far so good. Sent the bike out for its first demo ride, and the customer came back and ordered one for himself.  Then our very picky buddy Chris B. took it out, and had plenty of positive to say about it.  Last year after riding every 5" travel bike under the sun, Chris settled on a Giant Trance X0. However, he said had he ridden this bike, it would have definitely been in contention. He also said "this bike likes White Mesa", which I thought sounded good.

Next, I got a new 29er frame to hang all my fancy pants parts on.

It's a Tomac Flint 29 frame.  A very nicely shaped aluminum frame with eccentric BB and all the cable stops, this bike is ready for gears or single speed.  My large frame came in right at 4 lbs, and my bike weighed 20.5 lbs before I put pedals on it (I typically weigh bikes with all the necessary parts to make them rideable, however, Danny was anxious and put this one on the scale before I had finished building it).
What you can't see in the photos is a very nice sparkly white paint job, great looking welds, huge amounts of tire clearance in back.  Overall, it's just a very well put together frame.
I went out yesterday for its maiden voyage (and my first ride in 2 weeks).  I definitely could tell the frame was laterally stiffer than my previous one (a steel Spot), and the bike cornered very predictably, allowing me to really feel what the tires were doing.
I didn't give much though to the geometry while riding, which I see as a good thing. The bike generally felt correct, and didn't require my attention to make it do what I wanted it to. Definitely doesn't feel like a cumbersome 29er, as some niners will.  This bike actually has such short chainstays that my chain is 1 link shorter than it was on the Spot, and that was with the eccentric BB adjusted pretty far forward.
It's sweet. Also, the frame sells for somewhere around $500, which is a screaming deal. Unfortunately I believe they are completely sold out, but if you are interested let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Lastly, Tony built up a damn good looking Commencal Supreme DH Saturday morning:

We've built and sold a whole lot of these bikes over the past couple years, but they still manage to get the boys excited.  Especially when all the parts are just right, and of course, matching in color.
Industry Nine wheels, a very red Race Face crankset, and Tony's personal touch, a gold chain:

To top things off, the 2011 Fox 40's should be arriving today or tomorrow, and this bike will be receiving one promptly. 
I can't remember which one of the teenage Los Alamos DH crew that we sponsor got this bike, but whoever he is, he is stoked I assure you (perhaps if those kids didn't travel in such large packs I would have a chance at learning all their names, but honestly, I don't see that happening).

Well, that's what I have for today.  We will be deciding in the next couple of days about any special closures over the next few weeks (with the Pajarito Punishment and the Chile Challenge coming up, we have a tendency to sneak out of the shop a bit).

Thanks for reading.
Dan L


  1. that flint is looking Siiiiicccckkkk, although the custom paint on the spot is one of a kind

  2. That would be Robbie's Supreme. Looks even better with the 2011 fork on it